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Within the Womb

Updated on April 9, 2013
Buddha Quote 45 from h.koppdelaney Source:
Buddha Quote 45 from h.koppdelaney Source:

Within the Womb

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Within the womb of possibility, lies truth untold,

where reality yearns to manifest in the freedom of thought,

always nudging at the door of hope,

and ready to seduce an open mind to action.

What ensues in life is a complex array of outcomes in waiting,

attuned to what we perceive and hold as expectations,

bound by our own doubts and fears yet ready to expand to the infinite,

should we be brave enough to trust.

It is never possibility that turns us to fault,

simply our misunderstanding and trust of an earthly path,

and the limitations we instil and propagate as forms of security and protection,

only to find the harshness of life's enigmatic quest for balance.

Self-absorbed creature we are, with perspectives blinded by ego,

when truth sits beside us shaking its head with bewilderment,

seeking only a path of expression,

and for a soul to be untethered from the pain and turmoil of ignorance.

Within the womb of possibility, lies our future,

a billion roads to outcomes not yet considered,

and in that plethora of outcomes all we can wish for and all we dread,

unwrapped in the clothing of pretence and denial.

It is following what we truly want that leads us through life,

sometimes stumbling, sometimes running, but always moving,

seeking wanted outcomes and who we are from our choices,

and the worlds we create as a consequence.


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