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Without Even Thinking

Updated on November 27, 2013

Without us, without our knowledge, we could not have reached such heights in our humanity. Every second of our lives, every minute of our days, every hour of these moments made us who we are. It does not matter what we think yesterday, but what matters is what we believe on now. Every inch, every meter we move, we walk, and in those times we make a move we think. Where could we possibly be without our ability to think?

We are all lost in in a world of our own making. In this world we are infinite, the creator of the dimension is god. We are lost, because we always find a way out, but sometimes it doesn't matter if we escape, if we survive in this world, what matters is that we live. These world we make without even thinking protects us from the outside world, from our reality. This world we create makes us safe from everything else that may or not matter, depending on the current situation. It keeps us our sanity in check, yet it may be the very reason why we lost our sanity in the first place.

The worlds we created, may become real, it may become a reality, our own reality. We could possibly, eternally lose ourselves in it. Some may find a way, some may keep going, some may be lost, some may wish to be lost. It all depends on our very own choice on where we could possibly go from there.

What are these worlds? We may also say dimensions. So what what are they? They are our own figment of our imagination. But they are real, for the makers that is. They exist, but they don't exist nor can be seen by others. Unless they let them, give them that hint. They may give that hint through a talk or through a expression. It is, of course, a choice, for the other, if he or she may want to accept this world. In the end, we may see these worlds in our own perspective, yet others may see them if they want to, they are made by our own imagination, kept alive by memories and creativity. Some may take time to make these "worlds" but they will eventually make it.

How do we make it? By accident, without even thinking. Most of the time we make it just for that single moment, then after, we throw it away. Like an idea from the childhood which we later on forget. Sometimes we make it by our own will. In times we need an idea, we need an inspiration we make this portal, to create these different worlds. Its an escape path for a single moment. In that moment we make, ourselves feel infinite, internal.

We mostly make it when we were kids, mostly for fun. Since kids have the lesser ability to think and their curiosity is high, we tend to make our own worlds, build them like lego blocks, connect them like a puzzle. We are happy in these worlds that we make. As we grow older, we start to stop making them. Some stops, refrains themselves to do this, as they think more, and the more we think the more we become mature. Yet maturity does not make us stop do things without even thinking. When that time comes we create, we make a desperate to once again make a world. A world that may be eternal for that single moment, so we can make our sanity in check, or we may choose to lose it for that single moment.

Imagination is a plague, as creativity is an idea. We make things, greater impulses that we may never have thought about in our own very subconscious mind, in where our thinking is truly infinite. When we think, we have limits, to the point that we may have only learned in our lifetime, we restrict ourselves to that limit, without even knowing the limitless potential of our minds. When stop thinking, without even thinking, that is where our limitless potential is made, our creativity becomes instinct, that's how dreams are made and the endless imaginary worlds.

When the day is finished we may have spent 47% of that day without even thinking. Initially we would forget about those moments, but in the end we know that it was worth it. It was freedom from this world, to another dimension. In the end we needed it.

It's different to have a world to live in and to have a world completely consumed by it. When we don't think, it may be good at some times, but there are some moments when we could have possibly lost it, an that's the time when we need to wake up and think once again. We cannot be lost by what we call our "own" reality. We have a real world, just to keep us in check, but when we forget that we are eternally lost on a world by our own making. In other words, we lost ourselves. That is one thing that we have to keep in check.

This world is created by geniuses, men and women who lived their lives without even thinking. In those moments they think that is when their creativity is done and made. Before that though they immerse themselves in a different world. A world that they have created, a world where everything seems infinite and eternal, a world created without even thinking.


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