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Without Facebook?

Updated on May 13, 2010

This is novel based of the true story! Enjoy

I have already thinking if I should delete my profile from everywhere. From the Facebook and in different blogs and web sites for acquaintances. You will ask me why? If you have such an experience like me you will make it too. After I finished school I was looking at Internet, chatting with my friends in Facebook and at the same time I was attaching photos of me and my boy-friend. I carried on with him from tree weeks and I feel happy with him. And the pictures were from yesterday party where we have been. There were hot pictures. But that depends from the point of view. My friends were pleased and exclaimed how handsome my boyfriend is. He was the one of the most good-looking boy in our school. Let them envy me about it! I went into games Farmville and Mafia Wars, I had no time for the others. I did some things and updated my profile in two of them. In the first game I built a building and in the other one I seeded some plants with higher return. I had some homework on maths for tomorrow but I decided to copy out it in school. My lesson was the last though. I had many friends in school and most of them foreighers. I was very popular in my school. I didn't aim at it, but just got it!I even spoke with some of them in English! That was my explanation to my parents for staying long time in Facebook and Internet. Well, I have improving my English. I decided to look at my massages and requests. There had some for joining into groups. I accepted those group which invited Bon Jovi in Bulgaria. I canceled the others. I had many massages for presents for each game I played. I accepted them one by one. A big weariness!Is it possible to be made a button for accepting all of them? Each request send you back to the game and it is annoying. And after that you came in another game. At last I had a wish to become friends with a girl or woman. After two hours clicking in games I haven't any others requests. Now I entered in the box and begun to delete the messages. There had massages from different groups. I had no need of them. Only virtual money I interested of. Do you think it is boring? I didn't mention the hearts, medicines and the other messages which I received. It's awful!Sometimes I was wondering how I became enthusiastic about it. I had a message from the woman that I added today. May be she wanted to include her in some of the Games. But in the massage she only introduced herself and wanted to be friends. Interesting!I remembered the names of all my friends. I forgot faces, but remembered names!All of them with name Krisi was in my list. On her avatar has had a baby. Mothers and fathers used Facebook as the way to make a boast of their babies.

- From where we know each other?

I send her a message and started playing the other games. I took part in some vampire, pirate and war game. And one for cooking. When I updated my profile in them I returned back in messages. Kristi has answered me right away.

- We didn't know each other. I only wanted to talk with somebody at your age. That's all. If I disturb you just say it. I won't write you any more. It has followed a smiled emoticon. I had no cause to reject her, so I wrote:

- It's all right. How old are you?

She answered me almost right away. May be she didn't know about the chat and wrote the massages.

- Well, about forty years old, I won't tell you what exactly it is.,again smiled emoticon.

Women at that age obviously hide their age as my mother did also. So there isn't problem about it.

- What do you want to talk about?, I explained her about the chat and we started writing there. Soon I had gained her over in all games which I played. We talked about everything. I wished my mother was like her. At last we wrote about boy-friends. She looked like my school friends and asked me about all details. I had 18 years and he also but I didn't tell everything. I said though that he is very good in kissing. I easily trust anybody in chat. I had to learn not to do it. She exclaimed about that and greeted me. I didn't noticed it was nine o'clock.

I said that I had some work to do and dropped out from the Facebook. My eyes were very tired. I made a sandwich. My mother has cooked baked chicken with rise, but I hated rise except if it was Chinese. Well, I ate a little from the chicken. I sit down and watched a T.V. broadcast and when I was tired ,went to sleep.

In the next morning I got up and went in Facebook right away. I had no massages from my new friend. If I knew what will be at hand I wouldn't got up at all. Terrible! I replied to the requires, for more I had no time. I took money from my mother and sped for school. I was late for the first lesson as usual, but my teacher of geography didn't notice that. At the break I got talking with my friends.

- I have a new friend on the Facebook.

- And what?

- And she is about forty years.

- Oh,she is very old!

- Yes,but she is cool, I wish my mother was like her.

I told them the story.

  • You shared that with her?
  • Yes, why not?
  • Are you getting on well?What if anything is wrong with her?

I thought about that. If Niki was right. The other friends backed up her too.

  • She looked all right to me with that baby on the picture.
  • Have she holding the baby?
  • No, there was only the baby on the picture.
  • It's suspicious.

She was right of course. Normally mothers and fathers was with their babies on the pictures. It has also baby's pictures but they have pictures of them in the albums.

  • You're right.

My new friend have no albums. My phone rang. It was Nokia with

touch screen. I had to keep in step with the fashion. My boy-friend was calling:

  • Hello,dear. What's up?
  • What have you speak with my mother?

I was aghast!

  • What did you say?
  • You had told to my mother what we did. Do you know how awful is that?I couldn't believe that and couldn't even imagine it.
  • Wait a minute. I don't know her.
  • The name Kristi?Is it familiar to you?

I chilled and shut up. The fear overtook my body.

  • Melli, are you there?

My silence was dragged on. He called me Melli, that was a good sign, but I was aghast!

  • Are you there?
  • Let's see on the recess interval., I could say only that.
  • All right.

I went out. It was awful. I told so many personal things with her. I felt very bad!I will delete my profile from the Facebook and everywhere.

It came the recess interval. My boy-friend was waiting me in front of the school.

  • What will we do?
  • What can we do? I replied him.

We looked each other frightened. They couldn't stop us using Facebook. But as though something was changed. Anything wasn't like before.

  • We will get the better of that. And you be careful who trust to!Look at the profile at first!Be happy that your mother is not in the Internet.

I wonder did she do that? I must be more careful.

  • I think of removing the pictures from Saturday.
  • Right, our personal life mustn't be in Facebook and Internet.

I smiled. He smiled too.

Today I would make some changes in Facebook and who knows ,may be I delete my profile there.


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