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Without God?

Updated on March 29, 2017

Some of those who worshipped a man falsely proclaiming to be God.

Without God?

Without God the world
is but a spinning stone,
We are merely moss clinging to it

for as long as we can until we are hurled 

into the black abyss of death.

Without God there is no justice
for men like Hitler and Osama Bin Laden,
Genghis Khan and so many other butchers 

of life all allowed to vanish with retribution 

into the oblivion of nothing evermore.

Without God the world

at large would have 

no conscience to guide them,
all men, women and children would be 

so much more barbaric then they are.

The fear of a mightier being
gives us free will but offers as well

the understanding that punishment awaits
any abuse of personal choices,
and this has kept the majority of us

somewhat civilized for centuries together

I could not comprehend a world

without faith in a higher power,
For I myself would have rampaged

at many points in my life beyond human tolerance.

Only the fear of God

kept me from acting on 

my rage, my greed, my lust,

my primitive impulses.

Whole societies have worshiped men,
and have been destroyed in the process.

Jim Jones and his followers
forced to guzzle poisoned Kool-aids,
the fiasco of fiery death at Waco Texas,
The Spanish Inquisition where
thousands were put to death for their faith

These were all Godless leaders

proclaiming to be God,
and none who have boasted such power 

were ever successful for long.

And they all met judgment on the other side
when they faced the real God,

standing furious over their damned spirit,
with their martyrs wrapped in his loving arms.

Should an infant beaten to death 

be granted only 16 months 

and then nothing else forever?
Where is the fairness in that??

But if God were to step in each time

and stop the carnage,
then would we all be his puppets
controlled daily by his will only,
like vacant dolls prancing

over the stages of life.

He gave us free will
though from the apple

at Eden we violated it,
but he also offers forgiveness.

Many who have died,

including Atheists
and children speak of God,
Tiny toddlers who have stopped breathing

can describe exact operating procedures
surgical equipment and doctors actions

that they know nothing about
long after their hearts had stopped.

Bodies that were weighed

at the instant of death 

in a scientific study conducted

on hundreds of patients
became approximately

seven ounces lighter

Unexplainable except

for the soul departing 

the mortal flesh it has inhabited.

To deny God is to deny

one's own soul,
for what then would be

the purpose of such a 

devine device instilled at birth.

It is the essence of poets and artist,
doctors and nurses,

soldiers who die for others
firemen and policemen of good standing,
all heroes who take on insurmountable tasks
for the glory of nothing but death.

Men throughout history 

since the beginning of time 

have worshiped a higher being,
It is why we are here today,
their faith kept entire civilizations 

from being eradicated from the earth.

Without God the world

is but a spinning stone,
empty and void,

populated by beasts
who only devour each other.

He is and has been

the balance between good and evil
and no one can deny that much at least,
so how can one deny God?? 

Art~Whimsically Yours studio
Matthew F. Blowers III-(c)-2017


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    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 6 years ago

      How indeed could anyone deny god, and a creator. Some of the points you made were purely magical. He has given us free will, we are not puppets. Thankfully there are people like yourself, not afraid to express their true feelings, and deny that without god, we are in fact nothing. I so enjoyed this, i have never read any of your work, that i do not enjoy, sending hugs out to you and your family..