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Withstanding The Persecution

Updated on August 26, 2012

Destruction Continues with Homes Burning

I look back to see fairly new condos burning on the out skirts of town.
I look back to see fairly new condos burning on the out skirts of town. | Source
The whole town looks like a war zone.
The whole town looks like a war zone. | Source

Captured and Detained for Interrogation

It took several days of preparing supplies for my long hike through the woods to get to Eagle's Landing, our family meeting place in case of emergency. I felt ready to make this trip. Tallahassee was a devastated war zone, the kind never seen before in this country. Although it didn't get bombed during the first attacks, gangs and radicals of every stripe were ragingly insane as they fought each other, burned buildings, and looted to acquire all items of value and necessary for survival.

Throughout this campaign of violence the military sat back to watch. Only then flying in with attack helicopters to finish the mop-up of any survivors. No sense wasting new Fema camp bed space on rioters, looters, and killers. Let them feed the now wild dogs and vultures was the military's view on that subject of mobs and street gangs. These actions were according to U.N. dictates to bring the world population to 500 million.

Families and loners were both scarce on the streets, both for fear of attack from the gangs or getting picked up by the military and sent off to the camps. Thoughts like these were in the forefront of my mind, as I made my way to the edge of town. I glanced back towards Tallahassee, remembering all the great times I'd had growing up there. Yet, all I could see was new condos ablaze above the treeline. When I turned back, I thought that I saw someone lurking in the shadows by the old Texaco station. I'll just have to deal with whoever it is, I thought as I ran across Capitol Circle towards the old station.

I tried to be cautious as I slowly eased across the parking lot, saying, "Look, I don't want no trouble. I'm just getting out of town and heading west." I set my backpack down in case someone rushed me. I walked over to check the water faucet, just in case it was still working. It wasn't functional.

A large German shepherd came rushing out of the bushes at me, nearing startling me to death. Right behind the dog, who was now wagging his tail, a young lady emerged from the brush saying, "I guess you must not be half bad, Zag's wagging his tail instead of ripping your leg off."

"Well, thank God for that!" I said, "Hopefully you've been feeding him something better than the legs of complete strangers. What in the world are you doing out here by yourself?"

"Yeah, he's eaten pretty well lately. Oh, my name's Cassie and my dog's Zag, of course. I've just been wondering where to head from here. Tallahassee's way too dangerous, but the highway is just as scary. Thought about trying to hop a train, but I keep remember hearing about that railroad gang. Who is it? Oh yeah, they're called the Train Rider's Association. A real bunch of blood-thirsty killers and thieves. I'm leaving Tallahassee to get away from that kind, certainly don't care to run smack dab into a worse bunch."

"Well, I'm heading west to a spot out by Lake Talquin. Hoping to run into some of my family out there. If you want to tag along, you're more than welcome. All I know is, it really isn't safe anywhere around here, especially in the open. So if you want to come, let's get to it!" I said as I grabbed my pack up, swinging it onto my shoulder's.

Then everything seemed to happen all at once, the dog barking viciously at three men rushing us from behind the building. At the same time, two black Hummers were screeching to a stop on both sides of the lot. A helicopter was suddenly overhead with four armed men dropping down on ropes all around us. Both Cassie and I froze and dropped to the ground, while all three attackers and her dog, Zag were shot multiple times. They cuffed us both with wire ties, and just before jerking me up, hit me in the arm with some sort of injection. I dropped back to my knees falling into unconsciousness.

Next thing that I knew was coming to in a clean white cell handcuffed to a metal chair. Gosh, my head was pounding worse than any hangover imaginable, and my leg and arm muscles felt like they were on fire. What in the hell was that crap they hit me with? My mouth was so dry, my lips were stuck together and my tongue felt permanently stuck to the roof of my mouth. I wondered how long I'd been here. It felt like forever from the cramps in my arms and legs.

Memories flooded my mind of meeting Cassie, the men attacking us, then being shot by the men who grabbed us. A door directly behind me creaked open. I tried to see over my shoulder, but I was cuffed behind my back too tightly to turn. Someone had entered the room, but was directly behind me, out of my field of vision.

"We know who you are Matthew. Tell me where you were headed and who were you going to meet?" said someone with a voice like words being dragged across gravel. "If you cooperate with me, things will go much better for you. If not, we'll show you interrogation techniques from the world's best torturers. Things that make water-boarding look like child's play. What do you have to say?"

"Not much really, I was just heading West. Mostly trying to get away from all this insanity in the city. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean, I wasn't doing nothing wrong, was I?" I pleaded, hoping to sound sincere.

"Well, just so happens that you don't have the new required implant. Which is against the law. We can scan for the implant from 75 feet away now. If we don't see it on our screens, it's up to us whether to shoot you or detain you for the camps. Just so happens that we were looking for you. We know that your father escaped from an induction center near Thomasville, and is part of the terrorist underground?" the man spits out at me as he comes around my right side into my view.

I can't help, but stare at this monster. His face, arms, and hands all appear to have been badly burned, with only fragments of his nose and ears left. Just the shock of his suddenly coming into view left me with my mouth hanging open. But that wasn't all. Every piece of open skin was tattooed with what appeared to be hideous scenes from "Dante's Inferno."

Demons appear to be torturing humans in every way imaginable covered what used to be his face, neck, arms, down to his finger tips in bright blazes of color. Just realising this sent tremors of horror running through my whole body.

The shock of seeing him transfixed all my attention on him and what horrors might lay ahead for me. "I'm sorry, what did you say? Oh yeah, my dad escaped! That's great, but he's not part of any terror group. My dad's a street preacher of sorts, not a terrorist."

"Well, we didn't view his escape as great, like you do. But just so happens that he stole a police vehicle, assaulted an officer, and is believed to be hooked up with a group of rebels. He's the kind we can't allow to inspire other radical types to greater acts of terror. We need any information that you might about his friends, where he might go, that sort of thing. I thought that I might give you a chance to make it easier on all of us, including you and your dad," the man said and sort of smiled, with a look that could only be described as perverse.

"Yeah, well at least he got away from you sickos. My dad's about trying to help people know Jesus and tries to help them any way he can. He's no terrorist, and I won't help you to find him," I stated with as much determination as I could.

"We'll see how you feel about that shortly, after we get to know each other better. As for your dad, Jesus is what makes him a dangerous criminal. He's one of our ten most wanted in this region, and we will find him again soon. I'll let you think on these things for a little while. If you refuse me again, it will not be pleasant for you." With that he walked out, slamming the door shut.

My mind was reeling with the thoughts of what kind of tortures I might have to endure, from a man that has covered his flesh with depictions of hellish torture. I need to find a way of escape from this demented, evil group. Thank God that my dad escaped. He's probably waiting for me to show up at Eagle's Landing by the lake. What kind of evil person wants you to betray your family members in order to save your own hide?

As my mind reeled with these thoughts, the after affects of whatever they had drugged me with, as well as the stress of all that had occurred took me back into a troubled sleep.


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    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Becky, This is a fictional story about persecution against Christians and their families that may well be on the future's horizon. Thank you for your interest and comments. Although your insight may very well be right, as far as us partaking in the fellowship of Christ's suffering, as mentioned by Paul.

    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Cyndi10, Thanks for your reading and comments.

    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 5 years ago from Georgia

      Great story.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Great story addition. I believe this is the son of the man you have been portraying, correct? Will be watching for more.