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Wolf Poems

Updated on February 21, 2018
DzyMsLizzy profile image

Liz loves animals. Seeing them ill, hurt, or killed breaks her heart. She advocates for "adopt, don't shop" and TNR programs for feral cats.

Gray Wolf

  Image is in the public domain from public domain images (dot) com
Image is in the public domain from public domain images (dot) com

Wolfen Song

Leader gives

          the starting note.

Alto, tenor,

          complete the chord.

A baby makes soprano yips,

          then full chorus joins.

Mournful, yet joyful,

          song of the ages.

No tingle of fear

          from this--

A chill of wonder

          caresses my spine.

Bravo, brava,


About Wolfen Song

I penned this tribute to wolves after hearing a chorus of wolf songs while visiting the Wolf Haven International Sanctuary in Washington state. They are a forever home and no-kill shelter for wolves who, for whatever reason, cannot be released back to the wild.

Their stories range from wolves who were inadvisably kept as pets, until the owners found they could not handle a full-grown animal. That 'cute pup' did not grow up to be a tame domestic dog.

Also living there are wolves who have been rescued from serious injuries, and did not recover fully enough to be able to survive in the wild again, as well as those who have been displaced by human activities.

Wolf Haven offers guided tours of the facility, and there are "howl-ins" scheduled from time to time, when you can let out your inner wolf.

This poem was originally written back in November of 1991, and It underwent some minor editing in May of 2010.

A Wolfen Cinquain


social, alert

running, living, playing

caring for his own


About the Cinquain

The above cinquain poem (pronounced, "sin-kane,") was jotted down at a poetry forum gathering, after I learned there about this type of poem.

Its structure is to have 5 lines, and only 11 words. The subject can be anything, but the overall poem must be descriptive of the topic. The first line leads off with the subject; usually just a single word.

I originally wrote this back about 1998; it saw a minor revision in 2015.

Sinfonia Wild

It is melodious, ethereal;

not chilling.

It is haunting, mystical;

not blood-curdling.

It is a primeval connection;

a command to be one again with nature.

It is the eloquent cry

of the wolf.

About "Sinfonia Wild"

This final poem in the group actually predates the first one in this collection. They are all salutes to an awesomely beautiful animal.

Written about 1988, and slightly tweaked in 2015, I had been listening to a recording of wolf songs, and was inspired to jot down this poem.

© 2010 Liz Elias


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  • DzyMsLizzy profile imageAUTHOR

    Liz Elias 

    5 years ago from Oakley, CA

    Thank you so much, suzettenaples! I'm so glad you liked this poem, and I appreciate your comment. I have no objections to your linking this to your hub. Thank you again.

  • suzettenaples profile image

    Suzette Walker 

    5 years ago from Taos, NM

    This is a beautiful poem and tribute to the wolf.. And the photo is wonderful also. The wolf does not howl to frighten unless he/she is attacked. I enjoyed reading this and I will link this to my hub if you don't mind.

  • DzyMsLizzy profile imageAUTHOR

    Liz Elias 

    6 years ago from Oakley, CA

    Hello, Seeker7--

    Thank you so very much. I'm glad you enjoyed this poetic salute. Thanks as well for the votes!

    @ 'thoughts 220' Thank you very much, and my apologies for such an unconscionable delay in responding to your kind comments. This poem was one of my first writings here on Hub Pages, and I had yet to learn the ins and outs and protocols of the site.

  • Seeker7 profile image

    Helen Murphy Howell 

    6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

    Lizzy - this is beautiful and captures the song of the wolf so wonderfully. When you hear them, it's the sound of pure nature at her best and yes, it does send a tingle up the spine! Many thanks for letting me know about this. Have bookmarked as a favourite + voted up awesome!

  • thoughts220 profile image


    7 years ago from India



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