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Wolverine and the X-Men 1 - Review

Updated on October 27, 2011

So I haven’t been following the X Universe recently, for several reasons (Greg Land, too many books to follow, Greg Land).I have read a bunch of articles that talk about how this last event “CHANGED EVERYTHING!!!11one!11”Apparently, Cyclops and Wolverine had a fight about something, and they broke up.After many late night cry sessions, and dozens of pints of Ben & Jerry’s, Wolverine has started a new school.But it is not Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters anymore.Now Wolverine is running the school (without Cyclops), the name is The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning….Wow.Naming the school after Cyclops dead girlfriend, who both Scott and Logan loved?He should have just called it The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning Yeah That’s Right Scott, Screw You And Your Stupid Goggles.That might not have fit on the sign, though…

Anyway, the co-headmasters/mistresses, Wolverine and Kitty Pride, are giving the tour to the school board inspectors.Have you ever met someone that has this predetermined idea about you for some reason, and no matter what you say or do, they still think very poorly of you?Like maybe for your beliefs, or the fact that mass destruction, and loss of innocent life follow you wherever you go?Well….the inspectors do not like them.They are so condescending and judgmental, it is disgusting.They are shown all around the school, look in on classes, see the Danger Room in action (The Danger Room tech is actually all through the school, now), and visit Beast in his lab.Things get worse and worse, when Beast throws a pot of coffee over his shoulder, while distracted.Kitty has to phase herself, and one of the inspectors to keep from getting hit.The inspector promptly vomits.

The issue ends with Wolverine talking to Kade Kilgore.He explains how he has orchestrated everything that has happened to the X-Men in the last 3 years, or so, so he could take control of the Hellfire Club (which he has).He tells Wolverine that this school was not a part of the plan, and it will be destroyed.The issue ends with the school getting destroyed.KILGORE!!!11!!!one!1!!

Jason Aaron is one of my favorite writers today.Scalped is gut-wrenchingly wonderful, and I believe Aaron was born to write PunisherMax.Where those stories are dark, gritty, and violent, however, this book is very mellow, and fun.I don’t know if there is anyone that has the feeling of the X-Men down better than Aaron.Doing that with one character is hard, but an entire team, heck, an entire school, of mutants?It’s ridiculous, and almost rude to other writers.

A lot of people have problems with Chris Bachalo’s art, but I really enjoy it.The faces that he gives people sometimes reminds me of Humberto Ramos (who I don’t like), but it just seems to work.His characters show emotion, and have body language.Not every artist can do that.

This book was fantastic.I don’t know what the Cyclops book is going to be like (isn’t it Uncanny X-Men #1?), but I am definitely on board with this book.Logan and Kitty running the school?I'll buy that for a dollar! Or like $3.99, probably


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