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Wood and deforestation

Updated on April 7, 2015

Hard and tough, yet flexible

with the wind. This is the

way I try to be. I just want

to be me, to sway and bend,

be tough, yet loving.

A shelter for others, I am

the one with roots. I am the

provider for others. The symbol

of life in some cultures, does

that make this element my


Water and air are its

complements. It is very useful,

but the balance has been

tipped as wood is continually

ripped from the ground for

makind's use.

If we all were connected with

nature, then we would all

refuse deforestation and live more

modest lives.

We all want more and more

material things. How many resources

does it take to realize that

it's finite? Everything has an

end, so let us bend to prevent

the inevitable.

So stable, so useful, so

malleable. Used in everything.

Stable as a pillar in society,

sometimes holding the roof.

A support and basis for all

the needs of man. Can it be

made to last? Only time

will tell.


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