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Word, boon or bane?

Updated on September 17, 2013

The Word Power and Bible quote!

From information scarcity to information redundancy!

First, there was word, the word was with god and the word was god. Familiar, is it not? Yes, this is a verse from Bible. How the word has made the world as well as marred is history! Now we understand the power of world with word program. But how words have changed the face of the world and the fate of people is reality!

Communication is vital in today’s scenario. Without communication, everything would come to standstill. Can we imagine our life without the mobile, internet and laptops? How people might have survived for a week or so without any communication tools during recent floods in the Western countries? It is really a wonder how people spent their time when there is complete black out?

Today there is no need for people to meet in person. Everything can be accomplished through chat and Google applications or any such programs. The smart phones of today are almost a complete tool for all sorts of transactions. Enough if you have a smartphone you can transact with the entire world. Nothing is left out.

Many companies offer you a flexible work schedule. Yes, you need not attend the office directly. You can sit at your home and carry out all office works without any disturbances. There is video conferencing facility and cloud computing which offer lot of ways to work with. Thus you can save the precious gas or petrol as the case may be. Only condition is you should be connected and accessible by any mode of communication.

God has created the world with a ‘word’ and now man utilizes the ‘word’ as the best communication tool to transact his business. Hence people aver that the word is the most powerful instrument in the hands of modern tech savvy man. Just think about those days when even paper was not invented. The primitive man communicated with others with signs and symbols. Then bamboo reeds were used for engraving the messages. The Chinese invented paper in crude form initially and they have mastered the art of paper making and slowly other countries or civilizations started copying them.

What happened when the newspaper revolution commenced. Initially there were few papers and the number of copies printed was much less. Today there is mushrooming in the newspaper industries. They cater to large number of public. In spite of TV, Computer and other visual media, many newspapers are printed and sold more than a lakh of copies every day. Why this craze? People want to go through the newspaper in their spare time or leisure time. Hence one need not bother to watch the TV every time. Newspaper contains many features apart from the news. They give information about lot of things we need. Hence it is a sort of record, though it loses its value the next day since “Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s waste paper!

How is that? People have become information crazy. But if you browse through the net, your head will reel. You will be perplexed to select the best web site for your needs. Every time you search through the web, millions of pages are brought to your view. You will be really lucky to hit the correct site! Now information has become redundant. Once, information was scarce. Now we have access to plenty of information at the click of the mouse or at the touch of your mobile.

The name ‘web’ is really apt. We can call it even a mesh. Yes, how to sieve the required information is really your skill. No doubt, that the best of intellect have invented the word program after God. We are at a loss to understand whether the word is a boon or bane?


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