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Words Are Alive And Well

Updated on December 30, 2010

Simple and Effective

If we concentrate and speak only words that give us knowledge and a positive attitude and a great outlook on life

What's the worst that can happen ?

That we are back here where we started

Being mean to anyone we want to because we don't think

What's the best that can happen?

We are all happier and more successful than before

Let our minds guide us through life with the feelings we adore

They can fill our heads with words and sentences that only inspire

We all have unlimited positive words to share with one another

To make great fortunes from thoughts

Living a life of prosperity and abundance with ease

These words are much more than a series of lines on paper

They build our vocabulary that we use and reuse our entire life

They mold our lives like little clay figures

Leaving models for generations to follow

Is it really impossible to forget those words that hurt so many ?

That do nothing but degrade and humiliate

The list is endless and we all know them only to well

Why are we embarassed to treat people with respect and dignity

But it is so easy to argue and complain

To put down and make someone else feel awful and unwanted

See the sadness we spread it starts in our mind and is transformed on to paper and goes straight to our heads

If we nip those words of hatred in the bud

Then what is the worst that can happen ?

Someone might be thankful instead of shameful

Courageous instead of corrupt

Peaceful instead of in pain

Change our thoughts

Change our words

Change our world

We will never know unless we try

It all begins with the same positive words that we have heardĀ our whole lives

It is time to take them out and put them to good use

Take those other negative words we have used every day that really are not so important and put them in cold storage indefinitely

Have one splendid afternoon thinking of the new world of words that is knocking at your door

Here's just a few to get the ball rolling..

One quiet sunny day a man sat on a park bench and thought

What words can I say to make people happy ?

That will keep them excited and truely pleased

If they hear a few nice words will that comfort the most unhappy of souls

All day long many people passed this old wise man

How can I help by spreading cheer and good faith and love ?

Will they listen or will they just keep on walking ?

Maybe I could tell them how a few nice words canĀ make you feel incredible and relaxed

Why would they listen to me after all ?

Everyone wants a guarantee that all things will work

How can we all cooperate and help each other on all levels ?

As one person after another walked by

The man remained quiet and thought

If people want to be happy they will find the words on their own

I would give them a helping hand but would they understand my meaning

To encourage and drive people to their greatest potential

The hours passed and the man remained still quiet

The sun went in and it became dark

The man never said a word

Thinking the whole time of all the most pleasant thoughts one could imagine

He smiled so much his cheeks hurt

If they could only hear what I was thinking all day from beginning to end

It would be so easy

Until that day comes

I guess we all have our own choice to say the first word that leaves our lips

Someday we might think like the man in the park

Then and only then we have made progress and happiness one


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Reynold Jay I always appreciate input to make my writings better.I try to reread and proof read the best I can.Your tips mean alot to me.After doing my first piece I didn't think I made my point clear enough.So I was attempting to follow up with a list of positive words that I like to use instead of negative ones.As My thoughts began flowing I thought people would love to read a story with positive words in it rather than negative word lists.The story was like a tie in.I didn't man to loose the reader.I just got over my head and let my writings lead the way.I will try to break it in two pieces and I love that you liked the idea.Thank you for your time and effort.I can't wait to talk soon.

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Words...Yes, see... my just posted lyrics on All the King's Men. I think you will enjoy it...2 minutes to read. Do you have two separate ideas here? The Man in the Park could be separate from the rest of the piece. I was slightly confused where this was headed and had to read it several times. Maybe break this into two pieces. Just thinking out loud and feel free to delete this. Maybe this is over my head.... Awesome comment as this is an orignal idea. RJ

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Micky Dee You started me off and now I can fly solo once and awhile.But I still crash land every so often.Just working out the kinks.Carrie450 Many think I am soft all the way through my center.I am glad you appreciate being kind and thoughtful.Some people believe the only way to live life is to get what you want or you will be walked on when other people get what they want.I think we can both can get what we want it just takes a little more effort and time.Thanks you both for finding the time to comment especially when everyone is busy with Christmas shopping and all.

    • carrie450 profile image

      carrie450 7 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      You are an incredible and caring person DREAM ON. Your hubs are so inspiring and uplifting. Thank you.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Great thoughts again DREAM ON!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Yolanda Yvette I am just finding one more way to enjoy life and all the people in it.By writing and sharing my ideas.Thanks for understanding.

    • yolanda yvette profile image

      yolanda yvette 7 years ago

      Very inspiring.