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Words Unsaid.

Updated on October 31, 2009


Words Unsaid.



What we don't say haunts us,
behind teeth that squat
like tombstones,
holding back the spirits,
of our petrified tongues.

Our palette lies empty,
all of the colors lost
in what was left unsaid.

The soul of our love
remains caged in ribs,
a prisoner of
our own silence,
as we watch
hope walk sadly away.

We stand helpless
like strait-jacketed
Helen Keller's
struggling to describe
a  lovely butterfly,
to an empty room.

Do not let love
tie your tongue,
nor seal two lips,
meant to be four,
into a tight line
of dismay pressed.

Let chance dance
across thoughts
freely expressed,
love lies waiting
but a few uttered
words away.

Lest loneliness remains
pressed between the jaws
of a silent scream,
trapped forever in
the emptiness of
what we don't say.


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