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Words and I

Updated on December 22, 2015

I fiercely fell in love with words,

Many years ago.

Words and I had solid chemistry,

From very early on.

They enchanted and alarmed me.

They were enthralling and engaging.

There was a natural magnetic bond,

That I was rapidly creating.

I could alter, morph, and change them.

I could make them have new meanings.

I had this remarkable ability,

To influence intense new feelings.

But as I got to know them,

I seen a more sinister side.

They could be agonizingly malicious,

When savagely utilized.

I was ignorant of the price,

That you have to pay,

When used for wrath and vengeance,

Or in a terribly hazardous way.

Now I apply them carefully,

Keeping my debts in mind,

I still have love and fascination,

Just a much more guarded kind.

© 2015 Brianna


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