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Words of Enlightenment

Updated on February 3, 2013

Words of Enlightenment

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Eloquent though the sounds of verse,

meanings quip and mind traverse.

Reaching core and impression make,

questions raised and foundations quake.

Furtive glances fail to see,

the secret messages imbued decree.

Tangents confusing and keys to find,

impart the truth in words sublime.

Writer’s carriage of choices bold,

seduce the minds of young and old.

Journey enticed and ticket required,

the ride epiphany furnished in style.

Understanding acquired through expansion of mind,

the siren-like singing of words and of rhyme.

Astounding the reader in fashion of ilk,

conveyed in soft whispers like ears filled with silk.

Verses of flirtation and seductive impose,

our thoughts like the passage of time in repose.

While ideas beg our senses with crystalline scope,

our minds in response to inspiring hope.


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