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Words of a dream

Updated on September 23, 2015

To my dearest brother...(My revelations)

This is neither an advice nor a request...but this is for you brother!!! Whenever we support you, it has an element of belief in it...false praise is never true support....but false praise may stay in your heart for a long time....the longer it stays the faster you lose space for truth...truth is always an unwanted reality...but once you embrace that reality, you will never lend your ears to false praise...try find the motif behind everything...sacrifice elates your life...sacrifice is not a dumb play, it is divine...when you want to reach for something you must stretch your arms to the fullest ....just showing your arms forward may never give you the thing... before you reach it is up to you brother!! if you want it full then go!!! stretch your arms to the maximum...and you will get it...when you will get you'll see it shine in your eyes forever...

Let this be an inspiration for your studies...let the coming days be a divine sacrifice to achieve the best have lots to sacrifice...remember sacrifice is divine...and then... wait for the true praise to hit your will hear it...the sweetest melody you will hear.

With love,

Your loving sister.

(These words are inspired from a lovely dream I had about my most loving brother.)


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