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Words with Different Meanings That When Paired Make One Meaning

Updated on January 19, 2010

Early Sunday Walk into Sabino Canyon


One should only write early if one means EARLY

But, what is early to one is not to another

The same word then can have different meanings


We are not here to dispute that point

What point, then?

The point being that there are pictures on Sandy's camera that prove early

While your loose and absolutely irrelevant meaning of the word early in the above paragraph

Is obviously an interpretation of the word Early that only one given to being a slug a bed would hope to have made believable


You know the sad part? I actually followed that last part.

Well, there, you see? My point exactly!

What point?

Don't start that again, the point of this is the correlation of Different  Words, not the same word;

But different words with entirely Different Meanings

That, when you pair them one with other,

Make a fuller and more descriptive meaning of the two words with one meaning


Well, you lost me on that one and really. This is not rhyming at all; I really think you should back it out and try again

 Oh, Keep going what is you afraid of anyway?

I think you just either split an infinitive or used two prepositions on the end of a sentence, which could,


Have the ability to wipe clean all hardware of creative minds who write creatively.


You did it! You got the point of the whole thing right there!

What point?


What is this? Where are Abbott and Costello? I know they are here somewhere!

Stop your blathering and admit it! You understand!

Do not.

Well, there’s only one thing, then, to do.

What's that?

Make a list

Oh no, not a LIST!

Get the paper and the pencil...not the pen; you know it’s better with a pencil

.........exit two would be wordsmiths, stage right,

Curtain closes, and curtain rises.


Let's Play a Word Game

My beloved David, with our friends Fred and Sandy walked up and down the easiest and one of the oldest trails in Sabino Canyon today. Sandy does have pictures of today's sunrise and as a true desert woman, has hopes for some of "Oh please, Mr. Weatherman, Where's that rain you promised me?" actually becoming a reality this coming week.

I, a desert woman at heart, agree but I lose the true significance until I walk in the desert itself. Then, when I see patches of dried moss, or the purple color to the prickly pear, the cotton woods just putting out a few yellow blooms, then I, with Sandy's help of course, can grasp the great "need" behind her "let it rain four days straight then"

I hope that this return of a part of our family will set into motion a series of event liken to the one that happened the year of 1979. My friend, Lendi, said that year was one of the wettest she had seen in a long time.

Then, the year we left to hide the kids from reality, ha, bitter last words, began a drought that took the desert years and is still struggling to overcome. Egotistic to think that the comings and goings of one or a few could make a difference? Perhaps, But that is what started this philosophical discussion, even if the others laughed me out of it, they allowed me to ramble on a bit at least!

No, it is not the butterfly on one side and hurricane on the other....geez you guys!

But what if words also carry the same ability to become one thing, one meaning, and one idea only if it is paired to another word with a different meaning but that when spoken together one cannot help but make the person pairing those words to shout:


They are different but the same!

One young girl came to the desert and loved it instantly, rain fell, and flowers bloomed that had not bloomed in years!

A young family, loving their young children and afraid of the city, left their beloved desert and the rains stopped.

That is where the broad part of my mainly one-sided philosophical discussion began to break into words that have different meanings. That is when I proposed that when you pair that word with another word of a totally different meaning, it makes one think of only one meaning.

Stay with me, it’s easy.

Well, easier than playing bridge, at any rate.

And there you go, an easy word to start it off a bridge in English is to cross over, and then ambassador, easily made correlation and also obvious, given the quote about the Mr. Weatherman…

See? Bridge, ambassador, Shirley Temple Black.

OOPS that makes it three words, let’s keep to keep it light, hubby is trying to catch my eye to make me shush…but the walk is wonderful, the hikers are smiling and the endorphins increase, that always gets my mouth and mind in motion.

I heard that!!! You guys!!!!

Ok, let’s try Spanish then.

Verde=Green and Verdad=Truth. Once you know their meaning it is easy to see that correlation. Rojo=Red could never be thought of as having the same correlation as verdad=truth. It just does not work, only green and truth go together…any other color and truth does not make you go eureka, eh? See ? Si? I told you it was easy!

How about girls, boys, and the colors associated with them? Even if, like my two no adults in training, you dressed them in whatever hand me downs were the softest, did it matter to you if people said girl versus boy? Of course not, the personalities, even as infants were already starting to set as to girl or boy. Now that I admit, may be stretching my correlation theory and has too many holes that many mice course come though…ha Swiss cheese!

Two words, different meanings but made one think of the same thing, not because their correlation was obvious but rather based on an old saying that everyone knows…your theory has more holes than Swiss cheese and of course, mice and cheese go together…

That was not really a fair one, that I used as a correlation based on associative memory rather than as a eureka moment, one must stick with the original rules of the game itself.

And game it is really; well what else is philosophy really? But a game of the minds, the intellect and the ability to create a reality from a human fragile life filled with confusion, passion, love, sorrow, weakness and strengths.

Girls=Pink and Boys=Blue

Muchachas=Rosa and Muchachos=Azure

Azure=Blue and blue sky in Spanish is azureceleste

Celestial=Heavens and Blue= Sky.

What About the Other Side?

Now the same can be done with negative words and I bet you guys will see these correlations faster eh? Good is always harder to understand as well let us put the theory to practice and keep it there!

Rape = Violation Sex = release…the correlation? Thievery

Death= beginning Murder =ending…the correlation? Thievery

War=Death Birth=Life…the correlation? Thievery

Yes, I know I am soooo boring…do one better then and see where your mind takes you! But the friends, not to mention hubby were tired of my game and David said, “No politics on a beautiful Sunday, Boo” However, he meant, “you are getting loud and we are in one of the most visited national parks in the states, honey!”

So, the last of course to get last word and still make the guys think was the correlation between remembered phrases and the same phrase as it applies to our lives this day. For instance:

“Take only memories, Leave only footprints” is easy to correlate with long, quiet starches of time in the desert where no one is within 30 miles or more.

Not to mention that we were a quarter of a century younger at that time as well.

Then Where is That Desert Where No One Was Within 30 Miles?


Would you be surprised to know the trails we were walking Sandy and her horses, her siblings, then later, Fred, were the ones to cut those very trails? That she spoke of when her Dad told them of watching as the CC built the dam at the bottom of the canyon? That dam of rocks, all perfectly round, all perfectly fit together still stand today as a testament to our government as well as to the tenacity of the peoples of the states during a dark time.

All those years, and look, the desert just keeps throwing rocks and sticks right up onto the same piece of ground you were too self righteous, at thirty, to touch. Now the knowledge that I may be holding the same piece of a green rock, or holding a branch of a tree that a Tohono O'odham woman may have held in her hand and rubbed to see the same  pretty color makes me more humble, all self righteousness gone.

What have we, as a new generation, done as caretakers of these rocks, these roots, these memories?

These rocks really did NOT request that you pick them up and put them in your pocket!! Nor that piece of a broken, dried tree you are going to make into a lovely walking stick with the knobby root as the handle.  Loving the Santa Catalina Mountain does NOT mean you HAD to sell her off, bit by bit, until now the ground we walk on is trampled by millions of visitors, changed by thousands of homes and families, swapped for the green not of the rock but for money.

Fred must have heard me for when we arrived back at their house in two and a half hours, a walk that Sandy takes a clip in quarter of an hour…hey, I may be the same age in my head as I was in the ‘70’s but I am NOT the same physical person…another correlation; that…at any rate, Fred put into my David’s hands a book called “Frog Mountain Blues” by Charles Bowden.

Having just begun reading this book, it is with chagrin this author found her own words put into print and by one far more knowledgeable than she did. The first chapter is what grabbed me. The author, older, wiser, having grown up in the desert just as Fred and Sandy had, having had the exquisite pleasure of knowing the desert as their own, without all the peoples of today, is having a philosophical discussion with a friend on how to stop the encroachment of ‘civilization’ at a time when it may actually have been a possibility to perform. Now, the then radical idea of Mr. Bowden is what seems to be the only way to save not just the desert but a portion of our souls at the same time.

Blow up the road to the top of the mountain; quarantine the mountain itself from all sides from anything but one’s own physical ability.  Take it further, make it mandatory that everyone attend classes on safety in the desert, care of the desert and ways to assist in the protection of the desert before they can go up into the canyon, much less onto the mountain herself.

I eagerly await your remarks as well the criticism.

Although humbler I may be, I am still not only radical but also idealistic to the end!





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    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 6 years ago from Tucson, Az

      I thank you Sandy but you know we dont place the ads...we just got lucky!!

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Beautiful bub and great play on words. Thanks for adding some of my Sabino Canyon gifts.

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 6 years ago from Tucson, Az

      wel Sandy and I had a great time :) the "hubbies" kept getting farther and farther aheas of us and our gigling...wonder why???????? lol :)

      love to you

      barbara b

    • danfresnourban profile image

      danfresnourban 6 years ago from Fresno, CA

      I love this hub, it is fun to play on words.

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 6 years ago from Tucson, Az

      oh thank you zakirkhan!

      your two words touched my soul!!

      love to you!

      barbara b

    • profile image

      zakirkhan 6 years ago

      crystal meaning

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 8 years ago from Tucson, Az

      cool!! thank you wannabe..but be isnt exactly a conservative approach/oh well, you know that about me by now anyway eh? love to you!!

    • wannabwestern profile image

      Carolyn Augustine 8 years ago from The Land of Tractors

      This looks like an irresistible read RNMSN! I'll be back with friends. :)