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Words of your Soul

Updated on January 20, 2016

How do you claim your freedom?

Striving to be wild and free,

Trying to flee from the danger,

Of these dark, turbulent, lonely seas;


Break away from this prison,

Look towards, a land of peace,

Where this world dictates no longer,

On how our lives shall be perceived;


You alone, hold the power within you,

To break these cold empty chains,

That bind you to a lifetime,

Of sadness, pain, and greed;


Save yourself from this torture,

Learn to live, without any walls,

To trap and teach you to fear them,

They are not your friend at all;

Strive towards your future,

A place, where we call home,

A kingdom beyond all that we know,

Where your true free-soul beholds;

© Richard Mawby



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