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The Salad That Ruled the World - Poem

Updated on June 25, 2017
Titia profile image

Writing poetry is a hobby. English is not my native language but I learned a lot during the past years. Thanks to Poet friends.


The Salad That Ruled the World

There was this cook….

He used different shaped lettuce from the States,
flew in some black caviar from Russia
(with love of course)

He boiled some eggs from the famous Dutch Barneveld chickens,
arranged red, green and yellow sweet peppers from Hungary
and cried over onions from Asia.

He took sliced pickles from…..Oh dear I forgot,
but I'm sure they came from somewhere.
Threw in some sugar from New Guinea,
some oil from Spain, squeezed out of green olives,
a handful of raisins from the Middle-East, or maybe
they came from Australia too, who knows
and at last, he poured a drop of wine over it all.
Could be from France, they drink a lot of wine in France.

He mixed all ingredients very well but carefully,
so that all would hold on to their own spirit
and were still recognizable as individuals.

Then he invited all the kings, the presidents and who ever
ruled the countries to join him for dinner.

They all accepted the invitation
and after finishing this cook's world salad:
No war was ever fought again.

© 2017 Titia Geertman


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    • threekeys profile image

      ThreeKeys 2 months ago from Australia

      Love the novelty feeling in your poem. The message was wonderful. Maybe a lot more serious conversations need to be had when we share food together. When all stomachs are full, peace reigns inside and outside the person:) Thank you Titia