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A World Without books

Updated on September 30, 2016

World without Books?

An irish Novelist Colm Toibin once Recounted a story about observing a cantonese man sitting on a kowloon footpath reading a Book. The Man's Face was Stern With concentration, and his finger tracing the line being read. at times the Man's expression would be disturbed in frustration at his progress finally, the reader looked up at the sky, While his face was beaming.

A book Connect the reader and The writter

When the reader read the book he shares the same experience and feelings that the writer had gone through while writing the book.This create the connection between the reader and the writer.

It Doesn't matter whether it was because of a sudden joy with the act of reading, or revelation form what was written, or delight at how the story resolved. The point is That was in possession of something deliciously private--- a connection between him and the writer, Between the real world and the world described on the pages.

There is frequently asked question. What would be the like without books?The very question is absurd and depressing.It is always said that the latest technology signals the demise of the book. Decades ago it was thought that the radio replace Books.

The fear has persisted throughout with the inventions of television and internet But scenes like that of cantonese man reading the book negate the nation that modern advances pose a threat to reading. books are themselves a form of technology that is spread over the pages that makes us delve into the complexities of life.

Literature is the story of humans. it is the record of who we are,Where er Come Form and where we are going. books make us travel at large. During our journey, We are connected with humanity. We identify ourselves with the characters We meet and learn whether we love, loathe,fear or flatter. They help us comprehend our fault and aspirations. They tell us who could we become if we are not careful. Reading Provide the deepest connection to The morals that make us human, and part of large society.

Books are source of comfort for us. they are safe shelter. Throughout human history man has found peace in the written works. Books are bridge.. Through their page we make our contact with society.Those who read are better prepared to face the world than those who don't read.

Though reading a book connects us with humanity, it is also the last truly private act in world that has become too public. As nourishment for the mind, it is slow food in a world given over to fast text messages and e-book, bring relevance, and instant gratification,much as newspaper and magazines do. but however important such forms are, they endure only asl ong as the stuff they are Printed on.The Comforts of books defy time, and break borders.

It is important that we work to give every person the opportunity to enjoy books as shelters, sustenance, and roads forward. Literacy and library programmes are important goals for developed and developing nations alike. To imagine a world without books is to imagine a world without thought. A world without feeling, compassion, history, or voice.

In that, books are a comfort. When I was a boy with thick glasses and braces on my buckteeth, books were my safe haven. Generations have likewise found solace in the written world, safety in feeling less alone amongst the crowds. Are we loneliest, after all, when surrounded by others? But books aren't bomb shelters, they're bridges - through their pages we're brought out into society, and one can posit that someone who reads is prepared for the world on a deeper level than someone who doesn't.
Though reading a book connects one with humanity, it is also the last truly private act in a world that's become too public. As nourishment for the mind, it's slow food in a world given over to fast food. Blogs, text messages, e-books, and the like bring topicality, portability, instant gratification, much as newspapers and magazines do.
However important such forms are, they endure only as long as the stuff they're printed on. The comforts of books: they defy time, break borders, and repudiate mortality.

Modern Technology

Modern technology can never taaketheplaceofbooksbutit can make our It can make our books reading experience a lot more interesting and convenient.

How Does Television make us lazy

Television brings the news ans entertainment to us.we do not have to make an effort for it.hence it Make us lazy.


My question is could we live in a world without books?

Do you know there are Many people in the world Who haven't seen Yet Tablet Mobile and pc But a lot less Who have not had access to a book in there life.Also a Book seems To be Then a smartphone or a tablet. you can lend the book, smell its pages, take notes on it and so on...

In what way Books are better than radio, Tv and internet?

Books can be enjoyed any where they do need electricity or a special connection to run.they give us more detailed and comprehensive knowledge about thing than radio, tv internet.

The story Great Expectations

The story begins when Pip was a lonely orphan. He was brought up by his sister. She was very strict and hard with him. His best friend was Joe, his sister's husband. He was kind and warm-hearted. He loved Pip as if he were his own son.

One day, Pip gave something to eat and drink to a prisoner who had escaped from prison. The man was recaptured by soldiers and taken away. But he never forgot Pip's kindness. Later, Pip was told that he would be given a lot of money. This was so that he could receive good education in London and become a better person.

In London, Pip studied hard. He received money regularly but he did not know where or who it came from. He lived in a flat with a young man who had little money but who worked for an insurance agent. They became friends. After some years, Pip was visited by the prisoner whom he had helped as a child. The man had been sent with other convicts to Australia and had become a very wealthy farmer there. In fact, he was the one that Pip's allowance came from. He wanted Pip to have the advantages of education and money although he was not a gentleman himself. Actually, he was still wanted by the police in England.

Pip and his friend decided that London was too dangerous for the wanted man. They thought that Pip should take him abroad. As they attempted to board a ship, he was caught by the police. At his trial in court, he was sentenced to death by the judge. Before he could be hanged, he died in prison. By law, all his money belonged to the government. So Pip had to find a job to support himself. He became a clerk in his friend's office. Years later, he became part owner of the insurance firm. So, he had a successful career as a result of his own efforts and not because of the fortune that he had been promi

Here is no need to imagine a world without books since it has been already happened for hundred thousand of years, the prehistoric ages.

I jump to your last specification, about excluding TV & Newspapers where after a few decades the brain function of reading would be deactivated, TV shows & Newspaper without audience capable to follow them, would become a tale from the past.

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