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The Blind and Speechless

Updated on September 17, 2014

The Silent ones

Check out some amazing free photos at
Check out some amazing free photos at | Source

Silent Generations, With Confused Thought.

Silent words travel from ear to ear.
I can’t seem to hear nor understand.
What is it these things called people shout from hand to hand.
Vices pull me in i'm only human

The battle to fight the silence and Confusion.

From the perfect speech you give i’m blind to mistakes.
Move me freely to another place.
There people i see won't return the favor.
Leave me hidden to study the face of every place dreamt or given.
Such is the grace that I choose to live in.
No such view of others that pain lives in.
Humility is welcome in me.

The End

Check out this amazing art from apocalypse now.
Check out this amazing art from apocalypse now. | Source

The loss of free thinking, and my realization.

For titles and headings are too easy to read.
Articles and context are rarely recognized
How long until they are despised.
So share what you will with all of these.
But truly your one who cannot see.
I say this not to be deceitful.
Not to bleed you, or even judge.
It is purely an observation that does not budge.
This world is a mad one.
And we are too blind to speak.


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