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World’s Greatest Books of All-Time Part 1

Updated on September 29, 2011

Books gives people the opportunity to pile up knowledge then apply these into wisdom. Books also help hone our minds and at the same time help nurture and develop various useful skills to cope up with our jobs and with our daily life. It is teeming with different and immense emotions and experiences. It offers reality at different perspectives. It also give us the chance to explore things that we never seen before and give us different insights about almost anything in life.

Without books, perhaps the humankind will never able to push forward greatness as we are still living in an uncivilized world languishing in the pit of ignorance and despair.

Being a voracious reader I consider books as one of the greatest things human beings have ever made and for this I am considering having a very short list of greatest books and these are the Holy Bible written by many authors including Moses, How to Win Friends by Dale Carnegie and Ready for Anything by David Allen.

Dale Carnegie Books, Grab 'em while they're hot!

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The How to Win Friends and Influence People authored by Dale Carnegie was first rolled out in 1937 in an edition composed of just 5,000 copies. The book from then on become a sensation as it spilled over in the United States with a resounding success and eventually became one of the all-time international best sellers in the publishing history.

A very useful book curtailed to satisfy your hunger for human relations. It contains cues on how to cope up with the challenges and problems in life by virtue of effectively using various principles on how to get well with people.

Carnegie truly mastered the art dealing with people employing time-tested principles and wisdom built around courtesy, refined attitude, respectfulness, wit, humility, cleverness, patience and other good moral values and good attributes of men that are not fully utilized.

The book is also cinched to improve your managerial skills in order for you to deal with different people very well and at the same time help turn your lackadaisical workforce into well-oiled and productive staff. The book can also help rank and file employees express their ideas and get the opportunity to fit well into their respective workplace and eventually receive pay hike.

It also contains inspirational quotations and tidbits of the biography of great people during Carnegie’s time such as that of Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Lloyd George, and John Rockefeller to name a few.

And last but definitely not the least, the book is an action book where you can derive positive effects and great impact on your life right away especially in the field of human relations.

Ready for Anything by David Allen

A great book whipped up by David Allen, Ready for Anything can be very stimulating and inspirational. It is teeming with principles that will aid you make the most of your resources and at the same time help you use lesser effort in accomplishing various tasks with clockwork precision.

The book is also cinched to help you go thread through the jungle that is life especially at work. It is also filled with techniques that will help you keep your sanity intact with your work and other responsibilities in life by virtue of learning how to balance your time and energy well.

The book can be compared with a Swiss knife, it has multiple uses and can be a survival gear in real life.

The Holy Bible

Perhaps the greatest book of all-time and the most widely circulated and most read books in the world is the Holy Bible which comes in different versions and languages. The Holy Scriptures is the most widely published book men have ever been seen. A book inspired by the Almighty Creator, the Holy Bible is actually a compilation of books with many authors. The Holy Bible is divided into two, the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Holy Bible It contains numerous prophecies including the coming of Messiah, who is, Jesus Christ which all come true. It also jives with Science and even stated scientific facts long before scientists of the ancient times discovered them.

The Holy Bible is a complete book and at the same time very inspiring. It gives enormous hope to all humanity. It contains parables that provide lessons to the readers. It contains knowledge and wisdom that have universal use and can be employed even by the present people. If you are very keen to satiate your spiritual hunger and find too much pleasure on being a good individual, the Holy Bible is the perfect book for you.

In the next two articles I am going to publish soon, I will tackle 25 other great books written by awesome writers.


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