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Worldwide War Authority

Updated on May 19, 2011

Members of Congress
what do you have to say?
About that scary bill
the one that’s on its way

I’m talking about
referring to
Worldwide War Authority
what are you about to do?

This will mean
that your President then
will have sole power
to start a war plan

Unilaterally decided
where to invade
in the blink of an eye
another war made

Thousands of people
die every day
by the act of war
in a horrible way

How many parents
said goodbye to their child?
Hoping that they
would again reunite

That hope was in vain
for their child had left
to fight a war
and return only dead

How many children
must miss their dads?
So many little ones
left behind sad

How many wives
receive the flag?
Instead of their husband
for he is now dead

How many mothers
die at the front?
Instead of playing
with their children by the pond

Worldwide War Authority
another creation
to reduce mankind
and break the nation

Worldwide War Authority
must never come to pass
for this will mean
world wide war to last


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