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Worst Revenue Sharing Sites For Writing Online For Money

Updated on May 9, 2012

Writing Sites to Avoid

Revenue sharing sites, such as Hubpages and Suite101, are good places to write and submit articles to earn a shared percentage of the advertisement revenue your content generates online. Revenue accumulates from either ad clicks, page impressions or both.

Writing online for money creates a stream of passive income. There are hundreds of revenue sharing sites for writers online, but there's only a few that are truly worth the time investment if your main goal is to grow a large collection of articles that make money over time. Below are three lousy revenue sharing sites that I have tried myself.


This is a relatively new site that somewhat copied the layout of the original website, as well as the now defunct eHow Writers Compensation Program. The only problem is, unlike the old eHow, their writing program is terrible for earnings. Most earnings reports I found online were considerably low for the large amount of lists members had submitted to the site. I have also submitted several lists there myself and never earned 1 cent.

Like did back in the day, ListMyFive also keeps their revenue sharing formula a secret. No one really knows how revenue is shared, but it is believed to be based on page impressions. Writing articles for the site is swift and easy. Articles are written in the form of a "Top 5" list.

ListMyFive is not a promising place to start writing online for money, at least for rev share purposes. However, it is a decent place for backlinks. That is the only reason I still occasionally write lists there. In the links section below your list, you can include an anchor text link and the backlink is dofollow as far as I know.


On Triond, articles are submitted for approval, before going live, which is practically guaranteed every time. The process takes a couple days or less. Articles are published on one of the many sites Triond owns, based on the topic of the articles. Earnings are based on page views and Adsense ad clicks.

In the past, I have submitted lengthy, carefully planned SEO articles, and earned a few bucks at from Triond. The earnings are collected directly through your Adsense account. All you have to do is add a custom channel.

Triond is better than ListMyFive for earnings, but if you're looking for a site that will provide increased monthly earnings, as you write more content, it is not a good place to write, at least for me it wasn't worth the time.

The site itself is very easy to use. Writing and submitting an article is a breeze.


Like the site ListMyFive, it seems is another site that tried to duplicate the success of eHow. FireHow is not a new site. It was around even while the old eHow writers program was in full swing, but I found that publishing content on FireHow was a waste of time.

Earnings seem to be based on page views, but since the site doesn't rank well in the search engines, it is difficult to get traffic and make money. I submitted dozens of articles there a long time ago and earned less than $1 since then. A quick look around the Internet will reveal poor earnings reports from other people as well.

Out of the three sites mentioned here, I consider FireHow to be the worst. The site was extremely buggy when I used it before. I experienced problems logging in and publishing articles.

Best Places To Start Writing Articles For Money

Hubpages is probably the best place to write articles online for passive income right now. So far, their new ad program produces earnings for me on a daily basis and the numbers are increasing at a surprising rate as I continue writing more hubs.

Suite101 is also a decent place to write articles for passive income, but personally, I think Hubpages is better. Suite101 made a lot changes but the earnings there are starting to bounce back lately. I don't know any other sites that are worth the time for revenue sharing right now.


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    • Savva Pelou profile image

      Savva Pelou 5 years ago from London

      I agree, hubpages is, by far, one of the best and I think a reason for this is the strong community it carries

    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 5 years ago from Southern Georgia

      One of the worst places to write online is Helium. thanks goodness it seems to be self-destructing by its own staff!

      Good info on alternate sites, though!

      Randy SSSSS

    • Patti Riggs Hale profile image

      Patti Riggs Hale 5 years ago from Burdette, Arkansas

      Good info! Until recently I would have said would be a good place to write since you get a little bit of compensation up front ($15) and then page views. I was getting more in page views from there than any other place. Then--they up and discountinued their page views payment program ala Demand Studio. SheeZ!

    • Matt G. profile image

      Matt G. 5 years ago

      Thanks for the comments. I read about Bright Hub before. It sounds like a good place to write, but I thought it was mostly for tech related content. I still write for Demand Studios every now and then.

    • kenwrites profile image

      Ken Crawford 5 years ago from Yreka, California

      Great Hub Matt. Since the major Google changes last year most of the rev share content sites took massive hits. I agree HubPages is the best by far since the dust has settled a bit.

    • Matt G. profile image

      Matt G. 5 years ago

      Thanks. Yeah the Panda updates really messed things up for a while.

    • Fiona Jean Mckay profile image

      Fiona 3 years ago from South Africa

      I would agree about Hub Pages being best - Squidoo doesn't seem to get much traffic at all. Knojji is a terrible site - one I would recommend writers avoid.

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