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Worthy of Men

Updated on September 15, 2014
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Let a wise man's words
Grace your ears

Let a knowledgeable man's mind
Seize your notice

Let a poor man's value
Prove his virtue

Let a handsome man's luxury
Thirst your eyes

Let a sturdy man's hands
Carry your burdens

Let a crippled man's repression
Wealth your beloved

Let a solemn man's stance
Guide your action

Let a gentle man's soul
Bear your children

Let a man's courage
Behold your anguish

Let a man's grand faith
Counsel you of men

Let a man's stature
Ample that of your heart

Never let a man
Master your will

Let a man's will
Be master to hisself

Never let a man
Appear to be true

Let a man prove
His virtue

© 2014 by Brandon J Martin


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