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Would A Dead President Serve Us better??

Updated on January 16, 2010


Would a dead president serve us better??    

I propose a new candidate, for our next presidential election,
a man who would present
the strongest of images. A choice guaranteed
to shake up all of  the nations,
as well as bring to light the power and  ineffectiveness that the office of the president holds.
This candidate would efficiently   demonstrate how the oval office,
and it’s oval orifice within, can wound and even kill, without
too much forethought, sound intelligence,   or exit strategies.

I propose we take the next soldier killed in Iraq, or in Afghanistan
and then encase his body in full military splendor, inside a large Lucite,
or solid glass rectangle.   Then we’ll offer the people a choice of putting
him in the oval office, in place of the many less vibrant selections  
who are currently seeking a chance to be it’s next tenant.

He would most likely cause the least amount of dismay or havoc,
after being elected by a majority vote, of all of those people who would like
part of the silent majority to be in charge. Just think of what an example
this dead president would make.

He could lead without ever uttering a word of untruth, or false promise,
and no one would ever   follow the stand he was currently  taking ,
without giving deep thought to the results, it brought to him in the end.

We already honor many dead presidents on our spending money,
and other countries have encased their beloved leaders in glass,
many still come to view and worship them. So why not appoint one
to run the country for four or more  years? It couldn't hurt !!

He would be our ready made hero, who would have us all thinking
twice about ever making war on fragile reasoning again, and he could
rest in state between calm appearances before the voting congress
would be deeply moved by his sacrifice for the good of the U.S.

Then when his term was up, he would be quietly retired to Arlington.
After leading peacefully for eight years.     Could I be somewhat dead right
on this outlandish proposal., under the present circumstances in which we exist,
Or is it simply dead wrong? Think about it.

Authors Notes: This poem was written during the worst of the bush administration...all eight years, sadly some of it is starting to re-apply even today!




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