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Would You Like to be a Freelance Writer of Short Stories?

Updated on February 3, 2016

Let Your Creative Side Free and Become a Freelance Writer.

Freelance writers have the freedom to pursue various projects that interest them. Sometimes this means performing different types of writing. One often neglected type of writing that can be fun and lucrative is the field of writing short stories. Maybe you would like to try this specialty. It is true that there is more work by volume in writing for businesses but that doesn't mean you can't indulge your creative side with short stories as well.

Choose Your Topic Well.

One of the hardest thing for some people to figure out is what their topic should be. This is where you have to use your creativity and originality. You should have several characters developed as well as a general idea of what the story is about. Make up something, use a character from history or do a story about something that happened to you. The choices are endless.

Do Background Research if Necessary.

If you want to be a Freelance Writer of short stories, then take a close look at your setting. A setting is where and when the story took place. If your story is from history you will likely have some research to do. The more research you do the more facts you will have and this lends tremendous realism to the story. The details really make the reader feel that they are there and doing proper background research is how to provide the realistic details that bring the story to life.

Write an Outline.

You will need to create an outline in order to be a Freelance Writer of short stories. The outline is greatly helpful in order to have a logical flow to the writing. The outline should be a step-by-step progression to the story. A well written outline can truly make the story far easier to write. When you look at your idea in an outline form, you can more easily see if it makes any sense and detect parts that may be out of sequence.

Revise the Story.

Many Freelance Writers dislike revising. However, revision is absolutely essential to good writing. Some writers revise as many as ten times or more. There is no hard and fast rule to this. Just revise enough times to make your work great.

If you want to be a Freelance Writer of short stories, you will have to select your topic wisely. You may need to do some research at the library to lend realism to your work. Organize your concept through writing an outline. Keep working on your story until it seems just right. Do you have a story in you right now?

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