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Would you like some Candy Little Girl

Updated on January 29, 2010

 Would you like some candy little girl

With your soft tender skin

Just a taste and I reel you in

I change your future, your life, your mind

Would you like some candy little girl

and you'll be forever mine


Would you like a ride young lady

I know your family don't have the time

If for just a touch you leave all your dreams behind

You become a slave to that first painful touch

Would you like a ride young lady... it won't hurt so much


Would you like this money, young lady

Just slide down the pole

With every lap dance you lose your soul

Just one touch young lady I'm all that you have

Would you like this money young lady

you're on the right path


Would you like this loneliness old shrew

You're so bitter and sad

Being used all your life wasn't so bad

Would you like this loneliness old shrew

Pain is all that you knew

If you had a father I wouldn't have done this to you




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    • ugivetheword profile image

      ugivetheword 7 years ago from somewhere between leaving and arriving

      nice. makes you feel....Avonmom said it right "RAW!"

    • Avonmom profile image

      Avonmom 7 years ago from USA


    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      Gee, I am so sorry. Wonderful poem though but sad, so sad.

    • profile image

      blatva 8 years ago


      This poem... It just... IT's so real.

      Thank you for writing this.