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Wound Up Toy Soldiers: a Poem

Updated on July 30, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

When Our Enemies Are Fictional---a Whole Part of Us Is Fictional As Well
When Our Enemies Are Fictional---a Whole Part of Us Is Fictional As Well

Scary is the world in big eyes of a child

with unfriendly shadows lurking from the night,

his imagination merciless and wild

creating little soldier all wound up to fight.

So he takes it with him into years to come

still wound up to charge against his many foes

on battlefield of shadows that's a little dumb

his hand glued to a sword instead of a rose.

Futile is his hope to defeat that hostile dude

because he keeps coming in so many faces

all created eagerly by this fighting mood

jumping out of even impossible places.

Out of sheer playfulness my keen eye observes

people and their games going on around me,

so I see this massive parading with nerves

not by just one soldier, but a complete army.

Despite all those frequent announcements of war

by miracle their uniforms stay without a hole

but panic of defense goes on more and more,

keeping their fighting as the only goal.

So I ask myself---as I always do,

what would befall them if they would just unwind?

Why they need an enemy, I don't have a clue,

instead of allowing some peace in their mind.

For old age will come to the most of us here

in retrospect---what will that veteran have to report,

but wasting his best years in a fighting gear

feeling just regret, and silly of a sort.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 months ago from Southern Illinois

      War, is there ever a good reason to fight a battle, when in the end, no one is the clear winner? I think sometimes our leaders remember their childhood days when they played with windup soldiers and want to relive the action...I like this piece!

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 4 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      How I wish that wars were just a game that children played with their toy soldiers. In the eyes of a child its adventurous and exciting but as an adult it's a whole different matter.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 4 months ago from Canada

      Vishnu---What can we do---some folks never really grow up emotionally, being stuck in their prominent childhood negativisms.

      In a realistic world of fully matured grownups, they would realize how they are shaming themselves with their perpetuation of conflicts.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 4 months ago from Canada

      Hari---I was not referring to kids' "playing soldiers", but to insecurities they develop because of imaginary threats they sense due to their emotional sensitivity.

      Then they take that mentality into their adulthood where that existential fear literally "sees" enemies to feed itself, to make its inner prophecy fulfill itself, like in thinking: "What did I tell you, this world is not a friendly place".

      It's pretty much about the futility of this widespread mentality, even at levels of leadership, when people just can't let go of that old grip of fear of a "threat out there".

      I hope you may like the poem more when you see it this way.

    • profile image

      Vishnu 4 months ago

      Is the war game worth a mature adult?Fighting vs Peace, is there a choice?

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 4 months ago from Bangalore

      What a beautiful connection to games kids play with what adults are into all over the world.

      - hari