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Write Articles Faster with Speech to Text Programs

Updated on August 28, 2014

Technology these days is growing so fast and it can help us as a blogger or as writers for online readerships to write more articles and to spread our name. One of these technology available as the speech to text recognition programs. On the Mac it is installed already on your computer, but on the windows, you may need to download a special program which is called the Nuance naturally speaking.

Using a computer program to type out what you speak To make writing a long article very fast. To test out this theory, this article you're reading now written by myself is in fact written by the Macintosh speech to text function that is installed in all Apple Computers, free of charge.

At the beginning and might seem like a hassle to write an article with a program, but after learning the shortcuts such as the punctuation, you will soon realise that writing a long article can take only a few minutes. This is because the speed that we can talk as much faster than we can type out an article. As you can see there are very little errors and only a few minor problems that I may need to go over when I proof read this article. The errors were only come in the form of a non-recognition of the word that I am saying but it would never be a problem with spelling or grammar because the computer is typing up each word and spelling would not be a problem.

This makes making a hub on Hubpages extremely easy. While I am typing this article through the speech to text recognition program this article has only taken me about two minutes so far up to this stage. The most helpful aspect of this program is the fact that I only need to speak and I don't need to read or write anything, which leaves your hands on eyes free to rest. I love typing articles but one of the problems I find after work, having use my eyes the whole day, is that they are very tired from looking at the computer screen the entire day. This is where this program can come in handy because I do not need to use my eyes and I can essentially write an article just with my voice. On average most people won't be put to type up to 40 words minutes, but the same people can easily speak up to 60 to even 100 words a minute. As you can see speaking is much faster way of medium to write an article.


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