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Writing reviews to promote your products

Updated on May 10, 2016

''Like heroes Writers are not born they are made''

There are many ways out there to promote your amazon ,clickbank or other products to earn money through commission . To be honest i personally think there is only one way to promote any product without spending any money and that is writing write a review about any product and embed a link to your product .Either individually or by making a team

  1. Writing reviews about your favourite things
  2. Earn money giving your promotion links along with your reviews

If you don't have any writing experience even then you can write reviews very easily maybe your first few reviews will not be so good but after a few you will write with confidence and your readers will respect your recommendations.

Where to write reviews?

there are two main ways i will discuss both one by one

First way is to find sites that accept reviews from you and post them on their sites but their is a problem in this way that most sites don't allow you to embedd your links into the post so their is very little chance of making money but there are some sites that are always looking for more writers to write reviews for them and also allow you to embed your links in your post like you can try here ''write-reviews-with-us '' . So If you want to write reviews about Books,Games,Gift,Movies,Magazine,Laptop,Music,Electronics, jewelry or any thing else about which you can write then you can be a part of their team to write reviews about everything you know.Advantages of this choice are :

  • you can promote your products by writing reviews about them
  • you can increase traffic to your blog or site by giving a link to your blog/sit within post

Second way is to start your own blog and start writing reviews yourself promote your blog and get are some strategies to get-more-traffic-to-blog-page-hub-website .Then latter you may gather a team of writers to write quality content for your blog .

If you want quick results then pay per click advertising may interest you but for that you will have to spend money

Thank you For reading


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