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Write to Music-a poem

Updated on January 10, 2014


Metal or pop?

Alternative or rock?

Hard rock or easy listening?

Indie or mainstream?

Lady Gaga or Madonna?

Coldplay or The Killers?

ASAP Rocky or Wiz Khalifa?

The choices to make when writing:

The Kills or the Cults?

Michaeal Jackson or James Brown?

Green Day or All American Rejects?

Journey or Guns n’ Roses?

Fleetwood Mac or Jonas Brothers?

Chris Brown or Drake?

Spring Awakening soundtrack or Rent soundtrack?

Which one to write for the mood?

All of them are awesome but some of them have to stand out

So many genres and artists in a playlist

I’ve decided to play them all and write four chapters.


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    • David Carl profile image

      David Carl 4 years ago from New York

      I surprise myself sometimes.

      Thank you

    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      love this very much, thank you.

    • David Carl profile image

      David Carl 4 years ago from New York

      I just wrote this to answer your question...

      I hope you like it.

      Write to music - a poem

      As a kid, I sung

      To music not

      The words I read

      Were old

      From books, I found

      In a box.

      River Valley Red

      was one

      The song

      I figured out

      I sang and sang

      All by myself


      No one to watch .

      Home, Home

      on the range


      Sang I


      another near.

      So surprised

      was I

      to sing, a song

      I knew

      I tried another!

      The book maroon

      of cover

      held my sight

      night after night

      Like no


      Banner, Star Spangled

      with music

      I uttered

      By myself

      In back room


      I discovered

      that music, and words

      can be sung

      Among piles of junk and clothes

      with strands

      without bands

      or even

      my mother

      my brother

      even no one

      Just myself

      no other

      no lover

      BY David Carl

      January 11, 2014

      sitting next to the one I love