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Write with style !!

Updated on July 28, 2016

Death puts an end to everything !

The veil of mist that evening and the shine of stars beyond a thin layer of clouds served again as a boost to his emotions which had been worn out by the trials of time. As he advanced towards the same bridge where he had given up on all of his indescribable dreams, he took a sigh, he cried her name loud for the first time in a long run but no one came instead that silence drove him to a never ending road of helplessness. He brushed his hand against his wrinkled tough face to wipe a tear drop that gleamed against the silver moonlight. He was not the same anymore. It wasn't only aging that had marred his looks , but it was the hole in his heart , the longing to feel that touch again at least for once, to hear that voice again to bring solace to his heart. The smirks of her sending chills down his spine were still alive in a portion of his mind but for once he wanted to feel that again. He was old by now yet in all the years of loneliness he couldn't give up on the child inside him clung to the book of his wife's memories. It was tragic how death came in between them,that evening, years back. It was a one same evening, with mere a difference that she wasn't there, and he wasn't him. Aging does so, life does so and death death so !


Love was not the way it was supposed to be !

Each dawn the glimpse of him before her blinking eyes widening into a full gaze and then the row of those words smashing her heart , didn't let her move but made her ingest the facts that love was never the way it was supposed to be, love was never holding hands in the starlight and exchanging promises , love was neither physical nor for perfection, and then the whole period of heartbreak flashed though her mind and she realized that love was curling alone in bed under covers and making pillows salty with tears, love was all loneliness ,it was all about denying the logic and going for a blind trust. It was all about being broken !

Heartbreak was devastating and so were you !

But you were beautiful since the start , and the ego thing you had added to the grace you were born with. Your kindest softest heart was a gem to me and there i was , adoring your flaws not knowing that your ego would turn into pride. Ah that diamond i fell for was getting transformed into coal marring the inner beauty it possessed. I was ripping walls to find the same gem i had once known until one day i burned that coal further with my own hands and trampled upon it . I succeeded in burning your ego to ash but at the same time, i lost you !

She moved on !

Pain is the best ladder to strength


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