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Writer Without a Clause: The New Starlet of D.C.

Updated on November 22, 2019
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In his "Writer Without a Clause" articles, Chris writes about whatever is on his mind at the moment without research and without editing.

Emma Dumain, the New Starlet of Washington, D.C.


Writer Without a Clause, Plus a Writers' Challenge at the Very End

My articles called, Writer Without a Clause, refer to hubs I've written when I come to my laptop with nothing particular on my mind. I begin writing and let the article go where it may without research and without editing.

Don't miss the Writers' Challenge at the end of the article.

During the Public Testimony of Lt. Col. Vindman,the New Starlet of D.C. Arises

I suppose you have seen the video of the latest person to rise to stardom as a result of the Red and Blue Show-Up, Show-Down, Slap-Up, Smack-Down, Bore-me-to-Tears, Everybody-Cover-His-Ass Show, which is also known as Sondland’s-Three-Part-Sideshow. If not, watch the one above. Stay tuned for Bolton’s-Dirty-Little-Secret, More-Volker-Vaguaries, or Taylor’s-Truth-As-He-Sees-It. But personally, I’m hoping for Rudy’s-Recollections.

Rudy Giuliani, the President's Personal Attorney


Rudy was America’s Mayor, Time Magazine’s, Person of the Year for 2001. He was the hero of 9/11. WTH, Mr. Mayor? We are only 19 years into the 2000s, and you are already the most disappointing man of the century in my estimation. You have let us down, sir.


Back to the newest starlet created by the red giants of Washington.

Emma Dumain clearly loves coffee. But this moment in the spotlight says so much more about the woman. What does she do? Emma drinks her coffee, looks straight through the camera lens and says, “Look! I’m on camera. Do I care? Hell no,” and she goes back for gulp number two.

She and her husband have a brand new daughter. Just before the video above, she dropped the little girl off at the daycare.

Emma is a reporter. She reports to work every day, coffee in hand, ready to attack the world of politics. She also reports that she enjoys her coffee and wanted to get every drop before the latest sleep inducing, boring, mind numbing...ok, those were my words, not hers...session cured every sleep disorder in the room.

Emma clearly has no respect for North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. You might wonder how in the world I can deduce this from a brief video clip. I don’t expect average morons to be able to perceive such things. Only advanced morons can read something into nothing. We see it everyday on the news programs. That’s where I learned my trade. Mor- on this in a couple of paragraphs.


Now, I have to say, the woman over Vindman’s right shoulder—left in anatomical speak—was vying for stardom herself as Sleeping Beauty. If she had actually nodded off and landed on the back of the man who was on center stage of the universe at the time, she may be today’s new celebrity.


As I keep watching this video loop, I see a security person standing in the background. Watch his fingers. He has his thumb in his front pocket. This is a cool dude. A James Dean kind of guy. But wait. Now it’s a peace sign. Uh oh, he might be a lib like George Carlin or Hilary. Is that Hilary, by chance? Oh, and now he looks like he’s about to draw his weapon. NRA to the rescue. This guy is all of us.


What’s this? Wait for the coffee glugging star of yesterday to rock back. Who do you see? Is it Kim Jong Un? My god, How did he get past security, unless the lib security guy, George Carlin, or Hilary, was standing at the door? I know Carlin’s dead, and it doesn’t really look like Kim Jong Un, but do you really think he would look like himself if he was going to try to sneak into the sessions?

Okay, just a passing comment on the haircut that shows up when our starlet rocks forward to cover Mr. Un. It sucks. Get some ba...courage sir and do what the rest of us have done.

We just cut it the hell off. I deny any jealousy at all that the man might have slightly more hair than I do.


The Potential Stars of Tomorrow

Members of the American jury, I have presented you with six potential stars of tomorrow.

  1. Emma, the woman who loves her job, her family, and her coffee.
  2. Kim Jong Un who should be the joke of the world except he holds the trump card, nuclear weapons.
  3. The sleepy woman. Is that most of America? It might be, but I hope not.
  4. The security person who might be a liberal or a conservative. We occupy one country.
  5. A bald guy who refuses to admit the truth that is as plain as the hair that is not on his head.
  6. Rudy Giuliani, such a disappointment.


Voices Crying in the Wilderness

I suggest we lionize those who demonstrate behavior and ideals which will make us good people if we follow their example.

I also suggest we run out of town...namely Washington D.C., hypocritical, power inebriated traitors to the American public, no matter their party affiliation.

[Late edit] You see, I am not a republican. I am not a democrat. I am not an independent. I and a growing number of Americans are voices crying in the wilderness, "Our servant-leaders have become power-mongers; to whom shall we turn for guidance? They have betrayed us; whom shall we trust.? They use us for their own ends; What shall we do with them?"

Emma Dumain, thank you for giving us a breath of fresh air as you gulped your freshly brewed coffee.

A Writer's Challenge to all Hubbers: The Person You Most Respect in History

If anyone seriously wants to recognize the person you most respect in history, I challenge you to write an article that states clearly why this person should be held in such esteem. I look forward to your responses.

Leave your hub links here and I will post them. Thank you for your responses.

© 2019 Chris Mills


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