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Writer in Residence and Damsel - a Funny Job Offer

Updated on December 28, 2017
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As a German-English screenwriter, filmmaker/director, photographer and illustrator I simply love everything creative and fanciful.

This was My Castle ...

Burg Sooneck close to Niederheimbach/Germany
Burg Sooneck close to Niederheimbach/Germany | Source

Writing Castle Ghost for 6 Months

I know you will not believe me, but I have to tell this story anyway. It is a true story. A job offer for a writer was running through my time line yesterday. Actually the tweet was a simple question: Who would like to work as a blogger for half a year on a castle at the river Rhine/Germany?

I replied. Me. Of course many others did as well. We will see whether I will become the damsel. To be quite honest I would prefer being the castle ghost. Being damsel sounds boring somehow. Well, now they expect of course the applications and will decide for one writer at the end of this year. Start of this job will be next springtime, the contract will be from May to October 2015. Becoming writer in this residence of course is always a marketing and PR job. Best for me as this was my daily work before I became self-employed as a writer. So I think I really should apply and become their damsel, but I go nowhere without my black cat. Yes, it is really black and would complete the picture of the castle ghost. Let´s check what a writer could do for Sooneck Castle at the Middle Rhine.

Knight Games

Yeah, maybe I should take some lessons in horseback riding. Might be helpful for this job. lol.
Yeah, maybe I should take some lessons in horseback riding. Might be helpful for this job. lol.

Castle Events

Sooneck Castle at the Middle Rhine in Germany was built in 1010. That´s quite a time ago. It is said its furniture was remarkable (mostly Biedermeier) and it had valuable collections. So far I could not find more details or photos about this. So this surely will be one of my first jobs and I will love to take architectural pictures as well as some landscape photos of course.

This castle is only one of several castles which were built along the Middle Rhine in Germany. It is a perfect landscape for fairy tales and stories and attracts a lot of tourists each year. This is why they celebrate a Castle Festival once a year in July with knight games, costumed people, sword fights, music (mid age probably) and of course a lot of delicious food and sales carts.

Due to the exposed position of Sooneck Castle (Burg Sooneck in German) it must be difficult to organize such Festivals and get all this stuff up there. Although I must say I would love them to do a kind of an early "Halloween" festival end of September there as well. The season ends in September so this festival needs another name - but I think a castle needs some spooky stories. I already had a couple of ideas for that. If you readers would like to comment your ideas please do so!

It obviously needs more stories all around this castle so that the writer has enough stuff to write about it. A big part will be interviewing and introducing to the neighbors of my castle. Must be funny as it does not really look close to any other buildings. My home is my castle becomes a complete new meaning. I could take my video camera as well and produce short films that complete the stories which are told about "Burg Sooneck".

So what else could happen to me there?

Become Famous ...

I hope there will be more action when I live there.
I hope there will be more action when I live there. | Source

What Might Happen to a Damsel on a Castle

First of all it will be pretty lonesome there for me and my cat, but I am confident that the two of us can handle that. I hope they have a castle garden there as I love gardening and it would be a nice attraction for tourists as well. In earlier times I guess such a damsel living alone on a castle got a lot of proposals to marry. Doubt that this will happen there to be honest.

Hence, I will have to go out and meet people around the castle but it needs kind of a strategy to make my castle more popular. What if I develop a real marketing strategy for my 6 months as a damsel and make the castle famous? Guess the community will like it. So what kind of tv shows are recommendable? In Germany I would think the popular "Who's going to be a Millionaire" show would be great - but difficult to get into this show and reach the place on that stool. On the other hand if I reached it this was the best campaign that place had ever seen. I need more ideas from our neighbor countries. Which tv show would you recommend in England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland etc.? Let me know your ideas by writing a comment or send me a post on twitter! You will find me best under #Burgenblogger or #CastleSooneck or #BurgSooneck. Thank you in advance for your ideas and advice!

In addition I guess the local newspaper will love to publish my articles and photos. There seem to be a lot of possibilities for me. Hence, I should apply as this job could also push my own career a little - as long as I act smart and creative. Carpe diem!

© 2014 Elisabeth Meier


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    • LiliMarlene profile image

      Elisabeth Meier 20 months ago

      Well, this hub is one year old, but I still remember what a fun project it was to apply there and what happened on twitter when all applicants tweeted and retweeted their applications. This employer at least did a great marketing and pr job by posting this job offer on twitter. Even a year later I think it's a funny story.