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Writer Myths

Updated on September 18, 2015

From murder to millions, the life of a writer isn't always quite what the reader thinks it might be.

You may not become a millionaire over night or kill the next person who ticks you off in your next novel, but you are one thing for sure- a writer. There are many myths that haunt the life of a writer. You're accused of many things and assumptions are constantly being made about you. Writers can either take them with humor and as the old saying goes "with a grain of salt" and not let it get to them. Or they can let it inspire them to write their next best seller.

The following are some of the myths that are often expected of a writer. With an open mind they can be taken lightly, and just might make you 'lol'.

"You're going to kill me off in your next book.."

Actually, this is not true for all writers. Writers could tell the obnoxious creature who is making this statement that in fact they won't have a part in their next story but then again, what fun would that be? If someone makes this statement to a writer, let them sweat it out. We all know what they say about those who assume things anyway. Everyone can find their place in the story that someone they know has written, but it doesn't mean the character was created with them in mind. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits- wear it.

"You're an author, you must be making millions."

Writers often support each other, even though the world of content can be a very vicious and competitive one. Comparing your work or success to that of another is not wise. Even though it's wonderful that an author had immediate financial success, it's not necessary or expected of another. Not every writer is going to be E. L. James and it's not only rude but unfair to compare another authors work to such. People in general however, don't always think before they speak.

"You must've read everything I have ever read!"

No, as a matter of fact the answer is just that. Just because one is a writer, doesn't mean they've read the last series of books that you have just engulfed yourself into over the past three months. Reading is an amazing skill that should never be taken for granted. In support of other authors, it is encouraging to read their work and keep up to date on what is trending in the content marketplace. However it doesn't mean that we have read every book that we are being asked about.

"You became a writer because you have no life."

At times there should be a sarcastic font in existence for statements like the one that you're about to read, such as this reply: "Yes, because being a writer was a last resort and I enjoy absolutely nothing about it. Who needs college when I have imaginary friends to bring to life in five hundred words or less due to my editor by 6:00 a.m.?"

"Being a writer is the easiest thing in the world to do."

Depending on who you ask, I suppose this could be true. There are many writers who would disagree though. Being a writer can be quite difficult. A simple five hundred word article could take five minutes, or five days depending on a lot of factors.

Perhaps being a writer comes naturally to you or you are someone that struggles with the content. No matter the case, in general writers are equal. Despite the length of time it took each piece to be written or the income that varies as a result, writers are still the same in general despite the myths that they are surrounded by.

"That is your real name, isn't it?"

Oh the glitz and glamour of being a writer! Where's the red carpet? If only it were that easy.. As a writer, you are created with a name that is not your own. A common assumption that many people make is that the name they see from the author is actually their legal name, but that's very much only a myth. For the protection of the family and personal life of the writer, a pen name is created. So the article you love written by "Taylor Swain" may not actually be "Taylor Swain" at all.

"Your content sucks because it's not just like mine.."

Excuse me while I go make myself a mirror image of you so I can write my content, just like you do. Again, that is where the imaginary-"but should exist" sarcastic font would be useful!

Writers are not made the same, because all human beings are different. We learned this in preschool. Even though the content should have the same structure, it doesn't mean that our sense of style needs to be identical. You may curse more than other authors and use layman terms more in comparison to authors, being ruthless with how your words come across to the reader. Your audience may love that about you. Not all authors would agree though and that is perfectly okay.

Despite the many myths that surround the life of being a writer, it is a wonderful hobby and even career. But when life becomes challenging with all of the expectations that are delivered from readers around the world and the neighbor next door, the writer can just go play with their imaginary friends on rainbows with unicorns. As long as they're making millions of dollars and have the content turned into their editor at the expected time.

Content Writer Life

Content Writer Life
Content Writer Life | Source
Writer Sandra Wise
Writer Sandra Wise | Source

100 Ways To Kill Your Business by Sandra Wise


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