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Writer's Goals

Updated on February 26, 2013

Writer's Goals for 2012

Writers Goals for 2012

Writers Goals for 2012

Alright it’s time for us to gather together and try and exchange work we might find online or from our resources that would better fit for another writer than ourselves. Turn the TV down and ignore the thousand of dieting commercials, and spend an allotted time each day to write. Unbeknown to commercialism there is more to a New Year than losing weight.

There is a paying writers group on Yahoo Groups that is very good, if you join them you are asked to post a few jobs a month that you might come across, and everyone does the same. This has worked out well I assume, since so many are active in the group, and when one job doesn’t suit one person it can very well suit another.

Freelance work always fills in the gaps monetary wise while we write our novels in between gigs. If you’re not working an eight hour day somewhere else, and are strictly a writer; don’t get sidetracked by life, remember you still are a writer who works for themselves.

The plus of that is you can write in the wee hours, or during the day, your hours per day are your own. People with families can sort out when their families will need their attention, so allot time out of those areas and try to stick to a daily 4-5 hours in writing. You will be amazed how much you will get done if you try and keep within your hours you allotted yourself daily.

Lacking ideas, need creativity?

You will be amazed how many ideas you can get from people in our daily lives. There are people we have in our families or that we meet in our work space that can become characters in our books and stories, be it medieval or today’s times. Personalities are the life of every character in a story or book, be it a wizard or a Manhattan executive, that personality can be molded into your stories.

Have you had a novel sitting in your Word documents for years or months, and every time you go to begin it, you sit there puzzled and then walk away claiming you have Writers Block? I can relate to that and last year I jumped from one thing to another, but when it got to my novel I’d sit there and then move on to something else.

This year my goal will be writing one chapter per week. Not a very stringent schedule but at least a commitment to work on it weekly.


Join groups that have newsletters referring you to editors, or have editor feedback. Respect yourself enough to realize your writing is good enough to succeed on its own, and never pay to publish your book it should be published on its own merit.


Reading other people’s work, stimulates our minds and shows different styles of writing, it may encourage you to stick to one style if you read a book or story where it is well done, sold millions, and reflects your style.


Writing for Hubpages can be an encouragement since you find many other writers in your very same predicament. Read as many hubs to find out you’re not out of the norm, and remember a writer has an art just like any artist, and each piece we write we bring to life by our own pen, or should I say keyboard.

Good Luck in your goals for writing in 2012

© B. A. Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      7 years ago from USA

      Thank you so much, and I have already put myself to work between a new short story series here, and my novels.

      Happy New Year

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 

      7 years ago

      Self-confidence seems to be the commodity most needed. Those with more experience probably already have some confidence to see them through their projects. I suspect, at the end of the day, the really worthwhile manuscripts will be completed. I hope you succeed with reaching your goals.

    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      7 years ago from USA

      Ghaelach I guess that's what we all need is encouragement and belief in ourselves.

      Thanks so much for reading!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Morning B.A.

      For new writers to HP you have given some very good ideas and encouragement.

      More then likely the old hands will have set out their stall and know what they must do.

      Good hub and voted up.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      7 years ago from USA

      Thanks Jessi for reading this hub, I hope it stimulates writers to achieve their goals.

      Again thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Jessi10 profile image

      Jessica Rangel 

      7 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      I liked this HUB. Creative, Honest and real! Voted up!


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