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A tongue quill!

Updated on August 26, 2014

head on hat?!

  • Blanching Blank!

Liching the papers

The ass consumed

The news!

  • Pair Perfect!

Blessed feel I

To have a

Made-to-order partner!

  • Tint Tone!

Adding colours

To an elephant picture

Removed I

The monotony of life!

  • Written Fluently!


My fumbling tongue

To rest

Found I

My keying fingers

At their best!

  • Going Red!

Bled my fingers

With a blade of grass


The cruelty of –


  • Black Fair!

The white milk flavour

Dissolves in the aroma of

The dark coffee powder!

  • Drink-Aholic!

When one spirit

Goes in

The other

Gets out!


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