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Marriage and Children- Girls only End?

Updated on July 22, 2017

Marriage in teenage years was a thought far off from my mind. Something very surprising for a person like me who is part of a community where child marriages are yet fairly common?

Being part of the Pakistani community, I feel ashamed that marriage is considered the last resort to every problem. Well, its also considered the only option. Instead of spending on developing our young generations’ minds, stimulating them and motivating them to be creative geniuses and do something unique with their lives we decide upon tying them in a knot with their future partners. Nothing can ever be assured that whether they will be able to grab the opportunities to further stimulate their minds through higher education, experience how the practical world works and, hence, gain satisfaction from accomplishing something which can satisfy us and, surely, does not involve getting married and conceiving endless parade of children.

Why than does this idea arise in mind?

Back in 8th grade I was vouching for myself, wallowing in endless fantasies and dreaming about the life of stardom of a typical celebrity. I was young, immature and still discovering my passions and ideals.

Entering O-levels, all I had on mind was to pass my tests, get to understand my new subjects and ace them perfectly. By the end of O-levels, I had developed and outgrown the post-newly-turned-teenage era.

I had started thinking about things, about world, about myself and overall the art of writing. Entering into the phase of A-levels, I discovered that the concept of getting married by the end of A-levels was the latest trend. Everywhere on my Instagram feed, on Facebook I would discover pictures of girls looking happily married with their beaus. Mind you, nothing made me fantasize about going through a similar phase.

Before A-levels I was in a bubble where things weren’t this demented. Now that bubble has been burst and now I am faced that this happens. Girls get engaged in the first year of A-levels and by the second year parents are preparing for a one week of lavish ceremonies and expensive dresses and jewelries.

Why do I say that? I have witnessed this.

I have seen girls fantasizing about marriages, planning the next diamond clad dress they are going to design for their marriage, shopping for the jewelry that will have a persons eyes bulging out of their sockets.

Instead of attempting to understand how the world works, how would one survive if dependency falls upon their shoulders and having no cares except to meet the needs of her husband and his family truly disrupts her educational life.

With no intellect and hardly any ounce of knowledge except how to shop and which brand s best for clothing- they surely have no interest. This does not define all married women but those who get married at a ripe age of 18 and fantasize, nonetheless.


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