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Writing 101: Make sure the Message is Clear

Updated on January 18, 2019
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and he is a song writer


I will never give a super-hero live action film a five. I love the action in all of them. When I was younger I was wondering when they will come out with movies like the Batman, Superman, the Hulk and more DC and Marvel Comics that were much more realistic. Some of them just aren’t but the thrill, the adventure and action they can give you is sensational but they all have too much CGI in them. The more unrealistic the more the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). What attracts me as a writer is the script each of these superhero films use. It’s not too much of the characters because I know they are not real. When writing a superhero film, you must remember to have a main idea. For instance, the Fantastic Four the main idea seemed to be to save the city from Victor Von Doom on both movies. What interests me about the films in this series was the story lines. As a writer that is more focused on Christianity I saw that the plots in each film was centered around the thing, played by Michael Chiklis. I think the thing is the underrated leader of the bunch. When writing anything, it’s important to have the message clear.

The Traditional Way

Hes the Savior

Normal Human beings.

Going out of space trying.

Trying to a cure for diseases.

But ends up with more they bargained.

With more they bargained for.

Getting energy from a storm.

With Ben Grim gets the bulk.

On earth he turns to the Hulk.

Just one that’s covered with rocks.

He looked like a rock.

His image lost his wife.

That storm made him lose his life.

He became discouraged.

His friends kept him encouraged.

He eventually gained stardom.

But Von doom reminded him.

That he can live normal.

Von doom played on his struggles.

He was made human again.

But found that his friends.

His friends were in danger.

He got back and found that…….

The Thing

The thing is back.

He got his courage back.

His friend is getting married.

He attends his friends party.

Enjoying the night out.

While his friend finds out.

That a destroyer is near.

It has entered earth’s atmosphere.

He doesn’t know what it is.

He thinks nothing is to it.

He even got another girl.

He found his purpose in this world.

Meanwhile, Von Doom is back.

Preparing to get on track.

To reclaim what he needs.

From the thing and his team.

Doom learns of the surfer.

The board is his power.

He gains access to it.

But the thing comes out victorious.

The New Way to Write


As a writer the first things I noticed about the films was how the writers made sure that the characters fit the roles they wrote about. Reed Richards who is played by Ion Gruffud was perfect for the role because of most of the roles he’s played on previous movies and series. Sue Storm (Jessica Alba) and Johnny Storm (Cris Evans) were all great. Richards was Mr. Fantastic, Sue was the invisible woman and Johnny was the flame. As a Christian writer what stood out to me was the thing. In the first movie Ben was the first out there when the storm approached and because of it, he got the most and became a huge rock. A huge rock that was the protector. When he turned human again he realized his team needs him. The bible says GOD is the rock. It says he is the protector too. That’s why the thing I call the most underrated leader of the fantastic four. He held them together. That is what GOD does to us all. Another thing that was obvious was that Richards and Sue were in love. Movie one started with Sue being with Von Doom but during their relationship she was showing signs that she wished her and Richards never broke up. It showed the importance of a team also. The plot of the story was very impressive. Knowing it is fake and unrealistic is one thing but having an important message in it was important. They unified when it was needed and when it wasn’t. In movie two what was obvious was how the team was more comfortable with one another. How reed was determined to get married and determined to help the world. When writing you always must keep your reader/viewers happy and in just two films these writers did. Too much CGI but the message was very clear in both films.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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