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Writing A Novel? Character Tips

Updated on March 9, 2011

Need help?

     Writing a good novel is giving words life. So what is character making? Creating a character is a work of art, a masterpiece. Writing words on paper is easy. Putting an image of an imaginary character into the minds of readers is more difficult. The question is how.... How to make your reader ponder? Most books are not liked for their story line, but instead for the character. You want characters, or a main character at least, that people will buy your books for. They should hang onto every chapter wondering how your character will react to the next issue.

     Since you might need some help, I will create a character with you.

What To Do First?

      You could have something in your head for a character. Start there. Right now I am thinking of a name so we will start with that. Simple and unique, Annalisse. Choose a name you will enjoy to write over and over again. A name with the same emotion you will feel for your character. The personality and name go together so we will follow into the next role.

Keeping Track of Your Creation

What person do you want as a friend? Who do you admire? Someone with a great personality I hope. Are they narrow minded with many issues? Do they enjoy parties, gambling, drinking, visiting friends? Is it someone like you? Choose what you want them to be like before you write or the character will go astray. Keep a record of your character. The goal is to be descriptive. Throw in hints of who you are talking about at different times. It keeps the reader connected with the character.

Start with the physical features first. Begin at the top and work your way down. What color hair do you like to look at the most? Choose a style you like, a color, or type of hair. Black, white, red head, gray, blond, brunette, colored? Long, short, or shoulder length? Straight, curly, wavy? Etc. What do you want her eyes to look like? Puppy dog, wide, piercing? What color are they? Green, blue, brown, yellow, gray, etc? The colors and appearance of their eyes should show who they are. Or they can be deceiving. However it is better that they define who they are in personality.

What do her lips and nose look like? Is his nose they long and bent? Does she have full pouting lips? Then move on to the chin or cheeks. Rosy and freckled cheeks? "A chin that juts out just asking to be hit, a sign of his ability for sticking his nose in trouble."

Chest, arms, legs; these all go next. Does your character work out? Does he go to the gym regularly? Does she have an hourglass figure? Long legs? Etc.

And now to put all the thoughts in place.


  • Hair- Black, straight and long, volume
  • Eyes- Green
  • Markings- Quizzing eye brows, tattoo on left upper arm
  • Height- 5 ft
  • Personality- Enjoys visiting two friends. A werewolf, a shaggy one at that. Daughter of the alpha. Fought over by the local wolves. Hands on. Trusts herself more than others.
  • Style- Cute, baggy, tom-boy

You can add certain qualities like chin or cheeks if you wish. Most authors do not bother. It depends if you want to paint the entire picture for your audience or desire to give them

Below is a picture of my creation, Annalisse. Why don't you create your own?


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    • Percy Kane profile image

      Percy Kane 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hey! Awesome Work, i was planning on writing a novel myself actually and this helped me a little :)

    • apStumbo profile image

      apStumbo 6 years ago

      Nice work. Thanks for following me. Good insight!

    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Hi. Thanks lburmaster for your important tips. Am interested in novel writing and your tips will help me a lot.