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Writing: A way to edit our mind

Updated on December 28, 2011

Writing, Editing, and Convying our mind

Looking through these hub's and reading what people have to say about things can be very entertaining to say the least. It's easy to search for something on a certain topic and then a couple hours later find your self side railed totally away from the topic you were searching. People choose to write hubs about any thing and every thing. If you want to know how to do something there’s a hub. If you want to find out what a particular place is like there’s a hub. If you want to know how a thing-a-ma-jig is made there is a hub.
Some hubs are of a technical nature, while others are for information. Some hubs are humorous, put forth by the author to make us laugh. Others can be down right sad. So much so that a tear may actually form in the corner of an eye. Hubs are basically a way to document our thoughts and our experiences. They are words that form stories about things that happen to us in the course of our lives. They are our thoughts and our feelings. After all when we put pen to paper or punch a keyboard, our goal is to convey what’s on our mind to a form that can be read by others. A way for people to understand what we think or how we feel. People like to be heard. We like knowing that we are not alone in what we think. That there are others who think and feel the same as we do. Writing allows us a way to communicate with others without being interrupted. We are allowed to proof read what we have written and correct any errors that we made as well as reword a particular phrase or statement that may be out of place, offensive or hurtful.
Often when we are angry or upset we tend to say things without thinking. Unlike writing we are not given the option of editing "Spoken Words". We can not proof read them and make changes. Once we have said the words out loud for someone to hear we are committed to those words and must live with the consequences they bring. By writing we are given the opportunity to change that out come. Many times in my life I let emotion dictate my words. (The equivalent of putting your foot in your mouth). When angry at someone we say things that can be down right hateful and at that time we really don't care about the pain that we are causing. After all, that is our intension. We say the things that we know will do the most damage. Those "Spoken Words" will echo in our mind for ever. The things we wish we hadn't said. Those words were formed from emotion & anger without thinking. They now become the words that cause us to feel guilty. Guilty for destroying a friendship or our marriage or our relationship with our parents or siblings. The words that form permanent scars in our mind.
Had we taken the time to write down those same words, then things would have turned out completely different. By writing, we would have given our self’s a chance to cool off. We could then read what we had written and edit out the things that cause the destruction, the guilt. Sort of delete the words that don't belong there because they are really not the words that we wanted to say after all .
I'm not a writer. I have never considered my self a writer. My penmanship resembles that of a third grader and my spelling, Well we wont even get into that. On the other hand I am a reader. I have always enjoyed reading. I am an avid reader of hub pages. I find it really amazing that anyone who has the desire to write can actually publish what they have written and allow the world to see it. What once was only read by some family or a few friends is now viewed by Millions.
What an ego booster. What a confidence builder. It is what gives me the motivation to write and the strength to make it public. When I started this hub I had no idea what I was going to write. I found it quite easy to put these few words on paper and some what confused as to how they manage to be placed into an order that made some sort of since. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks for Reading



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    • slicric1 profile image

      slicric1 6 years ago from

      Website Examiner, Thanks for your comment. Your exactly right "harsh words spoken impulsively may reflect genuine frustration that has been mounting for some time." with this statement. But the sad truth is that usually when we "finally" release that built up frustration, the person that we are aiming it at is not the person who created it in the first place. They are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Had we taken time to think it through (write it down and edit it) we would have had better control over when and how we released that frustration and at whom.

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 6 years ago

      First, I just want to mention that your title was what caught my attention. It is a clever and original title. I agree with some of what you say. Writing gives more room for reflection compared with saying something spontaneously. On the other hand, harsh words spoken impulsively may reflect genuine frustration that has been mounting for some time. You have covered the topic and other aspects of your experiences quite well.