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Writing For Bubblews - A Review of Praise But Constant Sorrow

Updated on January 3, 2015

What is Bubblews?

If you've never heard of Bubblews it is an ad revenue sharing site that at one time was considered revolutionary. Users are paid for writing 400 character minimum posts. They are paid for visits to articles, likes, and comments. This article is a review of Bubblews from a loyal user who has experienced the best and worst of what Bubblews had offered over time.

Bubblews The Dream Money Making Site That Keeps Imploding

Over a year ago I kept hearing about this great site called Bubblews where you could get paid to write whatever you wanted. Users were paid one penny for every like, comment, and view to each of their articles. Instantly I was intrigued and set out to test things out. In a year I earned around $1000 and was paid every cent.

Now to many this may sound great, but there was a downside to my time there. The site, still in it's youth, is managed by young people who at many times don't seem to know what they are doing. For me, with every great moment, there also came many moments of sorrow and pain due to how badly the site is managed. In this article I will talk about Bubblews and how it achieved greatness but also failed it's dedicated followers.


Of Praise and Happiness

I have loved Bubblews and it's community of writers since I began working on the site over a year ago. I have been loyal and stuck with the site through all its changes and issues. In the time that I have been there I have gotten many benefits from joining such a community.

I met friends there who I connected with elsewhere on sites such as Facebook and I have built some lasting and great friendships. In the beginning I started Bubblews for the money. After four months of being there only for the money things changed. I found myself transformed and wanting to be there more for the people. Bubblews allowed me to share my life through my writing and to get to know others through their articles.

I never expected to get that when I joined the site. I never expected to meet people that I would grow to care about. Even now after all the pain and stress the site and it's owners have caused me I still return because of the amazing people I have made friends with there.

Another benefit I received is also an unexpected one. I learned that I can write. Bubblews allows you to write about anything you want to. Because of this I got a chance to explore what I could do as a writer. I was able to test out my abilities and have conversations with people about the topics I was writing about. Bubblews allowed me to grow my skills as a writer and I am so thankful to Bubblews because of this.

The last benefit was the money I earned there. I earned $1000 by writing and connecting with other people in a time when I really needed the money. I won't talk about my own personal financial struggles here but the money I earned on Bubblews really helped me through a hard time.

My Own Bank On Some Of My Highest Redemption Amounts

Screenshot of my pending/completed redemptions
Screenshot of my pending/completed redemptions | Source

But I can't Praise Everything....

Even though I have love for Bubblews and the community of writers there, I have also felt anger, sorrow, and frustration. One thing many who newly join Bubblews may not know is that it is run by a group of young people with very little experience and knowledge with running a business such as an ad revenue sharing site. Even though Bubblews is a great concept, the whole site and how it is managed has constantly been full of issues.

The CEO and his team have admitted that they ran things badly. They were paying out more money than they had and plagiarists and spammers overrunning the site screwed up any plan they may have had. Because of plagiarists and spammers and bad management the team couldn't tell good user from bad user and many good, honest people did not get paid the money they worked so hard for.

I was paid every cent I earned though so my unhappiness came from another issue. The main problem that has caused me the most distress with Bubblews is the instability of the whole operation. Because Bubblews is so young and it's staff so inexperienced the site is always in a constant state of change. I will explain this further after a bit of backstory.

In July 2014 the CEO of the site announced the site would be redesigned and relaunched to be better than it was in the past. If you visited Bubblews before July 2014 you will understand how badly the site needed to be redesigned. Bubblews existed for several years before but in a very different state and the site was terrible to use. The previous Bubblews site had error messages appearing every other page, crashed all the time, people seemed to never be paid, the staff never emailed people back, and numerous other issues. Plagiarizers and spammers overran the site and their need to make a quick buck made the place just a money making site and nothing more.

When we loyal and honest users heard about the July update we were overjoyed. Yes, the new site was what we dedicated users had dreamed of...or so we thought. It changed the site from a money making scheme to a community. For the first time I was actually able to see through the sea of spammers and find real people who wanted to connect and comment about topics being written about. The new site was buggy but it was a relief from the olden days.

The few months after the relaunch I label as my golden days. They were my best days on Bubblews and I finally found the community I needed and grew to love. I found myself waking up in the morning just to see my friends and what they wrote and their comments. I was addicted to the site and loved being there. I won't lie. The money was also nice and I made a large enough group of friends that I was earning a pretty good chunk of change. It was great but it did not last.


Have you tried Bubblews?

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After a few months began the constant upheavals. People like consistency. They don't like major change and when change does come people like warning it is coming. Change and lack of warning is something that became constant after July 2014.

Every month after the update a major change was made to the site. With every major change followed bugs and glitches in the system. Glitches like pages not working, spammers finding ways around new updates, plagiarizers getting worse, etc. Change after change was made to deal with all the problems and to wipe out those abusing the site. Now in the long run these changes were necessary but without warning or any notice of what was happening we users were confused. You'd visit the site and see it the same, then a day later you'd come back and things would be very different. I can't count the times I logged in to see a major change happened while I was gone and I was left trying to figure things out.


Let's Talk About Backlash

People weren't warned ahead of time of changes and waves of backlash followed. Every time a new update happened, people became outraged and all you could see were post after post of complaints by users about how bad things were working. The backlash was the worst part.

People would leave the site (sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily), stop visiting their friends, and the community would be left in a state of distress and anger. After each new update I felt as if I had to rebuild my community. Faces I had grown to enjoy seeing would leave after each new update. I would be consistently earning the same amount per post but after each update because of the backlash my earnings would drop significantly. It would take a few weeks for people to calm down and things to return to normal. After a few weeks things would be good for another few weeks then another update would happen. Another wave of anger would hit and the site would descend into chaos.

The backlash was deserved by the staff though for managing the site and it's problems poorly. Slowly over the months more change happened. Instead of being paid 10 days after redeeming as in the past we were forced to wait 30 days, then 60 days, and for some 90. They changed the pay scale so we no longer earned a penny per view/like/comment. Pay changed to reflect ad revenue brought in by each country. International users (non-U.S. users) made WAY less money than U.S. users because their countries brought in less ad revenue. A majority of those abusing the site (plagiarizers/spammers) came from international countries. Because of bad record keeping the staff couldn't tell abusers from honest users so many international bubblers stopped being paid. Then the largest blow happened. As of January 2015 the Bubblews staff decided to wipe the slate clean and announced they weren't going to pay older pending redemptions. Partially because they didn't have the money and partially because they were tired of trying to sort out abusers from honest workers. Since their record keeping was so bad they probably didn't have any records to tell.


I Don't Know Why

Bubblews is currently a shadow of it's former self. Sometimes I don't know why I keep returning to Bubblews. Because of their changes I barely make any money. My favorite friends are gone and it isn't a fun place to be. Users are unhappy and articles reflect their anger and sadnees.

I think the only thing that keeps me coming back are the few friends I made there that I would miss. I also hold out hope. For a few months during my golden days I absolutely loved the site and it's community. I hold out hope that those days can return and Bubblews can be great once again. For now though being on Bubblews is like riding a sailboat through a huge ocean storm with pounding waves. Things have continually gotten worse and my beloved friends keep leaving one by one. I don't know when or if I'll jump off of this ship that seems to be sinking.

A Video To See Bubblews In Action For Those Researching The Site


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