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Writing For Fun or Profit

Updated on September 3, 2017

Enjoy what you are doing.

Writing as with anything else that you do in life should be enjoyable. Personally I started to write seriously a short time before I retired. I wanted something to do when I retired that I could do at home and something that I would do part time. I first started to write short stories. I had some of them published in Our USA Magazine. The founder and editor of that magazine enjoyed stories of my youth.

I thought if I could write short stories then why can't I write a novel. I had that novel, Golden Haze, published in 2011. There is no better feeling to a writer than holding that first copy in your hand. Then as people read it and told me they couldn't put it down, they had to see what would happen next. I knew I had to be doing something right, so I wanted to keep at it.

My following novels were, Walk to Love, published in 2014. Wilderness Passion, published in 2016. Followed by my short novella, Out of the Darkness, about school bullying, published in 2016. All novels are available in paperback or as an ebook.

I took advice that I learned as I did research on writing. One thing is write every day. Even if it is just a short message to you that you will read and delete. It gives the thought that your mind will stay sharp on writing. Another great bit of advice I learned was write the short stories or novels your way. Don't try to copy someone else. You are not Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, you are you and you need the style to be yours and yours only.

Another thing I learned was that you really do need to think out of the box. Let your mind wander to places that allows you to think how other people would feel in certain situations. In my novels, I want people to enjoy what they read. That is very important to me and it should be to anyone that writes. If I don't think it is good, then I will not try to publish it. I once wrote a 60,000 word novel and when I read it over twice I decided it belonged in the trash. Remember you are the writer, you are the one that needs to decide if it is good.

All writers dream of writing that best seller. I will admit, that thought has entered my mind many times. However, so many books are published every year and the majority of self-published books will sell less than 50 copies. There are the exceptions and always keep that in your mind, but keep writing as enjoyment, don't become obsessed with it.

Wrting is the easy part. Promoting your novel is the hard part. It is time consuming and costly. If you can get to places and talk about your novel do it. You need to get the word out there. My photo shows me doing a reading from my novel, Wilderness Passion at our local library. They have an event every year for local authors. It is a great way to meet other authors and exchange your thoughts with them. I have learned at lot at that event.

Finally in closing, I want to wish every writer the best. Sometimes in writing you will get writers block when the words don't want to come. Don't worry it happens to everyone. Keep writing, enjoy it, never give up, and follow your dreams.

Copyright Larry W. Fish 2017


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    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 5 months ago from Superior, Arizona

      Very good advice. Promotion is very difficult. I agree. Thanks for a good read.