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"Writers" High - Keep Those Endorphins Coming!

Updated on May 17, 2013

"Writers" Zone- More Pleasurable Than...?

OK OK I know what you are thinking - what in the heck is she writing about now? Writing is better than sex?? How can that be? And why make a hub about it? Well I know you writers know exactly what I am talking about - THE ZONE.

The ZONE is a place that I know I'm in once the words start flowing out of my brain like fiery little ballistic firecrackers . All of a sudden people dim, noises dim, all focus becomes the words that are shooting out my brain in manic little rants. A pleasurable sensation with no pain settles over me...yes just like you know what...and all of a sudden I feel good and my writing is flowing like molten lava.

I know you writers know what I mean ...

It's that magical place we writers head to every once in a while - where everything we write is attached to some unseen creative cosmic force, pushing the words right out of our heads and onto paper - laptops - whatever medium is around. And the reasons for that feel good feeling? (which yes kind of feels like that other feeling we get when we are you know whatting)


Endorphins Make Us Feel Good

Endorphin's are those things in our body that get released when we feel good (also released during that other thing) And when you are feeling good, those little endorphin's rev up, flow through your body to give you a good sensation (playing sports can also rev those little endorphin's up too) Writing today is what's making me feel good, and since my husband is gone and he left me all by my lonesome with my laptop....

Seriously though, this is not to be a sexual hub in any way. My laptop is surely no replacement for my husband ... Although.....

And the pleasures of writing cannot even be compared to the pleasures of you know...well...

I don't know. I'm feeling pretty good today, the Zone is here and the husband isn't so may the endorphin's rage and the words flow...

Pain Relieving Endorphins- Released While Writing

Just so you will all take me seriously today here is a brief description of endorphins:

Endorphins are the body's natural pain medication hormones. Endorphins (en-dor-fins), when they're released, make us feel better, improve our mood, increase pleasure, and minimize pain. There are some good ways, and bad ways, to increase endorphins.

So those little pain relieving endorphins are what's making me feel pain free today. Now whether the endorphins are making me write more today or the writing is whats creating the endorphins- who knows? All I can attest to is the fact that I've had a lousy day with a horrible headache and a body ache and all of a sudden I feel great after writing! Almost all the aches and pains are gone and the headache vanished!

Dr. Endorphin has saved the day!

(And is writing really better than sex?)

Poll On The Writers "Zone"

Can You Feel When You Have Entered the Writers "Zone"?

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  • drpastorcarlotta profile image

    Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 9 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

    YES! YES! I know that zone! Love it! Also along with my zone I get a sense of accomplishment, a reward, a gratefulness within me that makes me want to SHOUT!!! Praise God!!! There I go!!! lol, lol, lol, I enjoyed your Hub, thank you for the reminder!!! lol

  • funnebone profile image

    funnebone 9 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

    Ummm...I write because I don't have sex, not to replace it. When you see long periods of inactivity from me here on HUb, I have either landed a girlfriend or failed to pay the cable bill again. And after looking at my average hub score, I don't know if I am any better of a writer than I am a lover!

  • Amanda Severn profile image

    Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

    HI Dorsi,

    I know that zone, although it's normally acquired through painting rather than writing. But any form of creativity that we can thoroughly immerse ourselves in is good.

  • agvulpes profile image

    Peter 9 years ago from Australia

    Oh Dorsi if I was your husband and read this hub I would feel as though you had driven a stake through my heart.

    I think in retaliation I might just go out and buy a biro and note pad , wrap it in nice pink paper and a bow and give it to you as a present on the next cold night you where looking for a cuddle, that should keep you warm!

    As you can see I'm not much of a writer, probably too much sex!

    I'll become a fan to see how your hubby reacts!

  • SweetiePie profile image

    SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

    Wonderful hub Dorsi! Writing can be very addicting, at least I have lost sleep over it. At the end of the day I would rather lose sleep over writing because at least it will be there longer as you said. Thanks for the great hub.

  • Constant Walker profile image

    Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

    Yep. Know exactly what you mean. I think it could be debateable as to whether it's "better" than sex, but it's definitely just as good, and certainly lasts longer. Especially when doing research, checking facts, searching for images, etc... I'm talking about writing now, I think...

  • Juliet Christie profile image

    Juliet Christie Murray 9 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

    I supposed those endophrins are on the release that's why I feel good when i write

  • ajcor profile image

    ajcor 9 years ago from NSW. Australia

    I understand your loss Just_Rodney

  • Just_Rodney profile image

    Rodney Fagan 9 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

    Ajcor, I lost the sense of zoneiness when I discovered what had happened, I alas, since writing it and having it escape or disapear. Have now lost that thread which I had weaved in my comment. It is very difficult to recreate what was said.

    As that was the case, yesterday, maybe it should not have been there for others to view.

    So I leave it with that single 3 lettered word, for all to behold and wonder!


  • ajcor profile image

    ajcor 9 years ago from NSW. Australia

    so Just_Rodney  are you going to have another go - allow the erudite flow - achieve a zone glow?

  • Just_Rodney profile image

    Rodney Fagan 9 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

    All, Iso, well let me explain I had typed up several erudite paragraphs, as the Zone overtook me. Then the gremlin struck and although I had thought I had pressed the Post Comment button, I must have preeed or right clicked or something at the same time.

    However totally unaware, as I usually am during THOSE after glow moments, with the Zone ebbing and flowing, I moved on. I usually review the hubs where I have made a comment, so here I am and to my dismay I am left with 'Iso' and i think a whole lot of egg on my face.


    So what I ended up with is Iso!

  • hot dorkage profile image

    hot dorkage 9 years ago from Oregon, USA

    Damn, never had a writer's High myself! But I get endorphins off of other things. ;)

  • Chef Jeff profile image

    Chef Jeff 9 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

    To me sex is like money - I have some vague recollection of each, but that was so long ago! LOL!!!

    Maybe that's why I write so much! Actually, my therapist tells me it is good therapy.

  • ajcor profile image

    ajcor 9 years ago from NSW. Australia

    excuse my ignorance Just_Rodney but what is "ISO"

  • Just_Rodney profile image

    Rodney Fagan 9 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City


  • ajcor profile image

    ajcor 9 years ago from NSW. Australia

    Mighty Mom - I'm a girl!!!!!! well maybe not a girl but of the female gender.

  • Mighty Mom profile image

    Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

    Oops! Didn't realize you are from the Bay Area. Well, I'm not that far away (Sac). No wonder that vibe is coming through soooohhhhh strong:-). But obviously others like Misty are feelin it round the world.

  • Mighty Mom profile image

    Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA


    I can feel your laptop vibrating all the way here in California!

    Bottling up the endorphins and selling them... isn't that what we're essentially doing here on HubPages (LOL). GREAT hub -- and have you noticed only male was brave enough to comment (not sure about ajcor). Hmmm.

  • Dorsi profile image

    Dorsi Diaz 9 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Hi everyone and thanks for the comments. I think we should bottle up these endorphins and sell

    And yes doesn't it feel great to write and be in that special place? My husband doesn't know yet that I wrote this hub- hope it doesn't offend his sensitive male

  • mistyhorizon2003 profile image

    Cindy Lawson 9 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

    Writing is just as good as sex when you are in full flow (so to speak). I just can't stop until I have finished, much like if I am involved in reading a good book. The satisfaction you get upon copmleting an article you are happy with is easily comparable to the big 'O'.

  • rodney southern profile image

    rodney southern 9 years ago from Greensboro, NC

    Very cool article. I love my zone, but it does not compare to great sex with my wife.

  • marisuewrites profile image

    marisuewrites 9 years ago from USA

    Love it! I'm definitely "there." LOL

  • Uninvited Writer profile image

    Susan Keeping 9 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

    I know that zone. Lately, I have been writing every Saturday for my Scottish Culture site. Even if I'm not feeling well I work through it, and I don't feel sick while I am wriitng. Everything gets pushed to the back until I'm finished writing what I have to write. Also, when I write, even a little, every day I feel so much better about myself.

  • ajcor profile image

    ajcor 9 years ago from NSW. Australia

    It's a fact!