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Writing - Money making tips on publishing an eBook

Updated on January 4, 2012

Most bloggers make selling your own eBook sound like writing your content, pushing a button and waiting for the cheques to roll in. I discovered being your own publisher involves a lot more than just writing the content.

Don't forget all the other details.

Before writing do some initial market research. What's the size of the potential market? How many other competing books are there out there? What do the competing books sell for?

Create a sales landing page for your book with some spicy prose to entice readers. That also means registering a domain name and creating a web-site site. Open a PayPal account to handle on-line orders.

Do any due diligence on photos in the eBook and get model releases for shots of any people. Get any Copyright issues out of the way.

Buy an International Sales Book Number (ISBN). You want to budget around a hundred bucks for one number. You are supposed to use a different number for each format your book is published in.

Test out some different cover images. The cover is going to have a big effect on sales. Create a 3-D image of your book as well for your marketing.

Try to convince some fellow writers from Hubpages to proof-read and give you feed-back.

Line up some reviewers, bloggers with street cred related to the topic.

Build up your social network. Start talking up the book. Create an "interested" email list with MailChimp.

Find a distributor. Amazon and LuLu are big players.

Once the book is completed, the big marketing push begins. How can you reach your readers; social networks, Google Adwords campaign, phone some radio stations.

All this other stuff, the admin details, marketing aren't a waste of time. It's just as important as your content.

Good luck and have fun with your eBook.


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    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 6 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      Thanks for the good tips.

    • Ehtesham12 profile image

      Ehtesham12 6 years ago from Islambad

      Very nice info.Thanks for sharing