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Writing Motivation: The Importance of Being Limitless In Your Writing.

Updated on April 30, 2013

No Limits.

"Blood, sweat, and tears." "Hard work and dedication." We've all heard these quotes and others expressing the traits needed in order to achieve success. I believe that life is a competition. However, the biggest battles that we will face are not against others, but the ones that occur within ourselves. I can't speak for anyone else, but I personally view writing content as a competition. I don't see it as a competition between myself and other writers. I view it as a battle that takes place inside of me every time an idea to write about comes to mind.

Anyone that knows me fairly well probably knows that I'm a lover of music, especially hip-hop music. In fact, I've written reviews in the past on several hip-hop albums that I've come across and enjoyed. Hip-hop often gets a bad rep at times, but I view it as writing and poetry. Some of the best emcees in the rap game are great writers. I wish that I could take credit for the title of this particular hub, but I'm not afraid to admit that it's inspired by a song on a mixtape that I recently came across.

The song titled 'Limitless', is by New York rapper Torae. In the song, Torae says that you can't have any limits in trying to make it in the rap game. Now me, I'm not a rapper - nor do I aspire to be one. I'm quite comfortable being a fan. However, I do enjoy blogging and writing content online. How does this all relate you may ask? Well I feel that like the song, we have to be limitless in our writing.

Changing Trends When It Comes to Writing.

Now before I go any further, I want to say that the views I express in this article mainly apply to myself. I'm in no way trying to tell anyone else how they should write, or what they should write about. The main goal with this is to keep us motivated, and when I say us, I do mean us. Whenever I write anything - whether it's on my personal blog, Hubpages, or any other site, I'm not only aiming to motivate others, but myself as well.

Now that I've gotten that cleared, you may wonder what do I mean when I say that we have to write limitless? In the almost three years that I've been writing content online, I've learned that the learning process is infinite. It's also very true that the topics to write about are never-ending as well. However, I feel that in order to become better at writing, one must always be willing and open to adapting and learning. There are various ways for us to change up our writing, and learn newer ways to stay active.

Another thing that I've noticed in regards to writing is that the tides and trends are always changing. It's a lot like life - nothing stays constant. What's hot or popular for a period of time, may not be weeks, days, or months down the road. Because of the changes constantly taking place, I feel it's important to always keep our options in respects to writing open. You have to view your writing as a limitless page.

Never Give Up; Find Ways to Stay Active and Relevant.

In various points throughout life, a person may throw in the towel and give up whenever something doesn't quite work out the way they want. When it comes to writing, it's absolutely no different. Tons of people begin writing daily as a way to earn extra income. However, many of them give up once they realize that the earnings may not be what they had imagined. I'll admit that I almost fell into that trap when I first got started. Like I heard quarterback Peyton Manning say during an interview one time; "You can't do that." We always have to look for ways to be relevant, even when what we want to write about may not be the 'in' thing.

I'll use a prime example that Vikter Duplaix, who is one of my favorites artists said in regards to the music business. He said that you have to find ways to make other things work when one thing isn't. The same thing applies with writing. Whenever one topic or something your knowledgeable about isn't jumping off, you have to find other things to write about. That may mean that you have to put more effort into researching and studying other topics. A lot of us may not like researching topics we're not familiar with. However, that's part of the adapting and changing that comes along with writing.

I personally feel a level of excitement every time an idea comes to my head. Why do I get excited you may ask? It's because I know that idea can become something that I can share with others through words. The thought of being able to take my thoughts and construct them into an article gives me a satisfying feeling. Think of it like going to your favorite buffet, and eating all of the foods you enjoy. Okay, writing that just made me hungry. Gotta finish this up so I can eat.

It's a lot like a music producer. Producers can use the same sample, but each one has their own different and unique way of bringing it into a beat. Many of us write on the same topics, but have different ways to getting our points across. Isn't it great the level of individuality that writing brings?


So to sum it all up, I think it's important to never put any limits on our writing. Me personally, I'm not trying to be stagnant in anything that I do when it comes to writing. I want to continue to learn as much as I can, and be able to effectively adapt to the changes that can occur. Just like in life, you're more likely to handle something better if you're prepared for it.

As you can probably no doubt tell, I get a lot of my inspiration to write from music. We all have different vices that help keep us inspired. As I mentioned earlier, I think that the craft of writing is similar to life in many ways. We've all heard the saying; "The sky is the limit." The sky many indeed be the limit in achieving things in life, but I believe it's possible to go to the sky and above when it comes to writing. So what are we gonna do? Are we going to give up and remain grounded? Nah I don't think so. We're writing on a limitless page that is never-ending, so lets be limitless in writing.

It's time for me to end this, so I can go workout and eat. Hopefully this was a motivating mantra for anyone who reads it. Did I really just say mantra? Oh well, it sounded nice so I'm going to keep it. Anyway, I'm certainly feeling motivated, and hopefully it has the same effect on anyone in the writing doldrums. Be limitless y'all.


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    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @Lydia Sweatt, Hello there. Thanks for stopping by. Glad that you agree with me on this topic, and I'm glad that you came across it at the right time. Welcome to Hubpages. I hope you really enjoy your time here. Thanks again :)

    • Lydia Sweatt profile image

      Lydia Sweatt 

      5 years ago from Dallas, TX

      I agree completely. Even though I just joined the Hub community a few weeks ago, I've mostly been in competition with myself because I know my best and my worst. This article couldn't have come at a better time for a newbie lol. Thanks for the encouragement and voted up.

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @janshares, Wow! Thank you very much Janis for the amazing comment. It really touches me that you find my writing thought-provoking, because that's my intention most of the time I write something. It's good that someone like yourself picked up on it, and acknowledges it. Thank you!

      I just feel that there is are always improvements for us as writers that can can find and expand upon. I know when I first started trying this content writing thing out, I placed restraints on myself. When I became to learn more and remove them, I found myself having more success than I previously had. We all have to be open to learning more, and being limitless. Thank again so much. I really appreciate it ma'am.

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 

      5 years ago from Washington, DC

      I just love reading your stuff, prospectboy. You have the gift of engagement. Your style and approach to topics makes me want to keep reading, regardless of how much text there is :-) There are never any lulls with you. Your writing is clean, concise, and thought-provoking.

      About the subject matter, this is so spot on for all of us to read. I'm learning more and more after my time here that those "limits" can come from constraints we place on ourselves because we're stuck in the old ways of doing things. It's not easy for old timers like me to embrace all the facets of online writing. I have plenty of ideas as you can see on my subdomain, but I need to step it up with the tech/social side of this arena. For example, not being afraid to put a video in a poem hub. I felt it was sacrilegious but I'm over it. I'm good now (as I take a deep breath).

      This was a very helpful hub, prospectboy. Voted up, useful, interesting, and sharing!

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @DDE, You are absolutely right ma'am. I agree with you on that 100 percent. Dedication, time, and effort is required in order to become skilled. Thank you very much for leaving your feedback. Appreciate it so much.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Writing is such a skill for those who make the efforts and who dedicated in their work, an encouraging and helpful hub to all writers thanks

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @hawaiianodysseus, Hello there good sir. Thank you very much as always for the kind words, and for taking out the time to check this one out. Glad that you found some motivation from it, although I doubt that you really needed it. You actually help keep me motivated yourself. I also hope that you had a great way today. God bless you Joe, and continued success to you.

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      You, sir, are an inspiration to us all! This is exactly the kind of motivational vehicle that prompts me to have a most enjoyable walk this morning, beginning in just a few minutes. Thank you so very much for giving us all a very special view into your limitless heart and soul. God bless you, Brad! Aloha, my friend, and I'll see you again at the next hub!



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