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Writing Poetry and Essays 101

Updated on March 30, 2018


I have written over 200 articles on Hub pages. They all differ. For a period, I feel like writing poetry. I have my periods of writing sports. I have different things to write about. If you read my profile you would know that I am a creative writer, poet, playwriter and songwriter. Mainly, I would see myself more as a poet. If you read much of my articles you could see that. I turn plot into poetry. It was just an experiment that I thought worked well for me. I call what I do with movie scripts as well as TV shows plot poetry. Me being a poet, I want to share the expertise with others. I have been writing poetry for a long time. Since school as a matter of fact and I graduated in 2001. I love making people think. The first thing I learned in the beginning stage of writing poetry. is that it is a feeling. To me, it is the most important. It’s no right or wrong way to do it. There are so many different types of poems but I am going to talk about but I right Rhymes. I am going to give you a few of my rhyme poems.

Writing the Old School way

Look Up

Have you ever felt so bad?

Your face is frowned because you’re sad.

Nothing seems to work in your favor.

As you look around, you see no savior.

But when you look above.

You feel someone will show up.

Your thought pattern changed.

Despite you still feeling pained.

You realize that there’s hope.

Looking up, kept you afloat.

The things maybe rough.

But you found hope just by looking up.


As you look up you only see the clouds.

You see nothing coming down.

Despite it, you are happy.

But looking up can get annoying.

It sometimes feels like a waste of time.

Looking up seeing nothing but blue skies.

It’s beautiful indeed. Seeing the nature.

But you want a savior.

You want to be helped.

You have hope but no help.

You still look up but change your sight.

Now you gaze more in the sunlight.

The Encounter

The sunlight hurts your eyes.

You only can look for a short time.

But you feel a change after it.

Feeling that your hopes elevated.

Seeing life better than before.

You feel like you can soar.

Soar beyond the troubles life brings.

You even challenge the birds as they sing.

Writing the New School Way


Poetry is how I encourage myself. I know it can encourage others. In GOD we are all brothers and sisters so what you feel I feel. It may be a bit different but I feel it. It’s like now. I know people are struggling with lust because I am. We are human beings living in a dirty world. Fleshly beings dealing with fleshly things every day. In Ephesians 6:12 GOD told us what we wrestle with every day. Some handle it well and some do not. I am going to explain each poem that I have written above. In poetry you should not have to and I did say I love to make people think but it is sometimes helpful to explain. Before I explain the pieces, I want to give you a brief testimony. The key words in going through is going through. If we stay there and complain we are not going through. I wrote this because I went through this myself. I grew up in church but became accustomed to looking around at others for help. I had to build my hope up in GOD. I then had to elevate it. It surely was painful. I have been to jail and done nothing wrong in my life. Dealt with pornography and more bad things. In them all I had to see I was not going through. I made excuses for not moving. My last incident was jail. In a few hours I had to ask GOD forgiveness for everything even if I did not remember. Now, I am going to explain the pieces I have written. Poem #1 is simply about looking up. Forgetting all around you and keep looking up. Even if you must look down to walk around keep your mind up. The purpose to look up is because up is where GOD is who is your help. He is not below. It’s important to keep looking at him. Poem #2 is called Elevation. Since we are flesh we have fleshly things to deal with. Our hope must be elevated and sometimes that elevation comes from the simplest things we all try to ignore. Sunlight. It is too hot and sometimes we just want the cloud over the sun or have a hat to shade us. Vitamin D is important and so is the light of GOD. The bible mentions that GODS is the light. Poem #3 just reconfirms everything. Looking up and having hope is one thing, elevation is another but it is all painful. It hurts. Letting the rays of the sun burns us. Considering it hurts our eyes but it can either break us or make us. Notice, each poem is a step in our lives that we must take. We must walk through the hurt and pain. When writing poetry what must never be forgotten is the main idea. Keep the idea in your head. Make sure every line you write supports the one before. You need a main idea in everything that you write.

When should you focus on the Main Idea?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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