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Writing Process

Updated on December 10, 2011

‘’ Good writing comes from good thinking.’’

Whether knowing it or no, writing process goes through certain steps which successfully lead to the final draft. To step forward to an effective piece of writing, writers have to tackle with certain stages and skills that drive them towards their final product. In this essay, I am going to explain each stage of these and the strategies it involves.

Pre-writing stage or as it is called the invention stage functions as the pillar of the final product .In this stage as a writer, you have to think about the topic you are going to write about, narrow it, and brainstorm and write down all related ideas you come up with. Asking questions is a helpful tool in this stage. The first and most important question is: What question I am going to answer? Brainstorming and writing down related ideas is the next strategy in this stage which can be done through asking and answering series of questions such as: what is the most important part of my question? How can I best answer it? How can I write thesis statement and supporting details? Do I need more details to make it effective and interesting? …. The third strategy here is organizing the ideas or facts, you have come up with, through thinking how you can introduce these facts or ideas to your readers.

The next stage is called drafting. You have to turn your ideas into sentences. Write everything related to your topic. Do not pay any attention to grammatical spelling mistakes. Just keep writing you topic. Form your thesis statement, write and explain your supporting ideas, and form a good closing.

After you finish your draft, read your work and decide if there are any changes you want to make; add or delete, decide whether if you want to reorder ideas or information… All of this is called revising. And after you make the necessary changes, focus your attention on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and every rule related to writing and paragraphing. Correct the grammatical mistakes, make sure that you have chosen and spelled words correctly, and used a well punctuated language. Make the necessary editing requirements before you move to your last stage.

In your last stage, which is called the publishing stage, show your work to your teacher, a friend, or a family member and ask them for opinions. You publish your work in a newspaper, a school magazine…

Let me sum it up in short simple words. In writing, your first draft is not the final one. Writing, a process, goes through certain steps and stages before coming up with the final product.


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      salydora 6 years ago

      Well done Nawal as usual.