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Writing Research Article: Five things to consider

Updated on April 4, 2013

Writing a Research Article

Writing of a research paper is an inseparable part of your research work, be it your academic or professional research. Good, up-to-date research papers not only convey your views or thoughts to your readers but it also helps you to create the niche for you. That is why, good skill in research paper writing is necessary before you start one. Research paper writing itself is a brain storming work if you do not start it properly and effectively. It is said that the proper beginning of a work helps to finish half of the work. So, here are some tips to consider things on the first day before you start your hard work in black and white.

Do not wait till the deadline

Yes, do not even think of to start the research paper near the deadline. Research paper writing is a time-consuming job as you have to write, re-write, edit, re-edit and proof read your work. The more time you have, the better will be your research paper.

Choose the topic wisely

Choosing a topic wisely is the most important task before you start your research paper. Even you are working on your niche, the topic should be of your interest and you must have enough resources for the research paper writing. Choosing the topic of your interest will give you the joy of writing as well as the desired fame. Also make sure that if you are working on a common topic your research paper should stand firm among all others.

War of the words

You write for your readers and the writing is enjoyed only if you know how to attract the redears with the right word. So, on your first day, make a list of the keywords which would invite more redears to your paper

Work on the title

What if, you do not have a will you introduce yourself to the world? Same thing applies to an article, fiction or a research paper.Try to experiment with the keywords in the title and do try different titles. You never know you may get idea for another research work

Organise your resources

Be sure to have your books with you before the research writing. Do check your online library account is working properly and the books are available there. Make sure that you start organizing the sources for further uses. (Bibliography, citation etc.)

Now go for it!!!

Research paper is considered to be your own voice. A good research paper should worthy of all your effort, time and hard work. Get yourself settled with the tips on research paper writing and start. Research paper writing can be over-whelming sometime, so do get some breaks and start afresh.


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