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Writing Services, Part Three

Updated on March 24, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Writing services are not the only issue

When you get signed up at an academic and content writing website, you have to be able to handle the treatment sent the writer’s way. Most of these services do not treat their writers very well. In fact, often I have found they seem to think that writers are less than human and can be abused at will.

One of the more troubling aspects of working for these services is that they will gladly cut the writer’s fee in order to save the client’s business. For some reasons, the people at these services think the writer can still pay their bills, buy food and live even though they cut the writers fee or cancel the assignment altogether.

Writers are not protected as the writing service caters to the clients and make them all sorts of promises that come at the writer’s expense.

Your money back

You will see this promise on the many academic and content writing websites you investigate. What that means is if the client doesn’t like the paper, they can cancel the assignment and get ALL of their money back. The writer is SOL.

I have had that happen to me on more than enough occasions that I have soured on academic writing. The client for whatever reason they may have have canceled the assignment even though the paper was at 5 star levels.

The twist to this is that in almost all cases, the client gets to keep the work free of charge and use it anyways. I have caught at least one client doing this. It is not fair and it is not right but the writing services lets the clients get away with this in hopes that the client will return and spend more money. Doesn’t always happen.

Usually the client will return if they get a good paper or well written content. I have helped the different writing services I have worked for in this manner over and over.

The client

Let me preface this section with the words that not all clients are going to be this way. There are a lot of good clients out there but you will get the bad with the good.

#1. The nitpicky client

I have had fairly good clients make an awful lot of demands and nitpicking requests.

They do this because they are being charged anywhere from $12 to 50 per page and they want to get their money’s worth. These clients are not fun to work with because their demands are ridiculous, unrealistic and things they could do themselves.

But because they are paying so much they take up the writer’s time with these needless requests. You may complete the requests and still have trouble getting paid. They also think that it is the writer who gets most of the money, so they will work that writer hard.

When I told a couple of clients that it was the company that was getting the bulk of the fee, they were surprised. They had no idea and believe me, while $6-8 a page is good, it is still a lot of hard work, a lot of research time and lot of thinking to put the information in a coherent level the client’s professor will accept and give an A to.

What makes it hard for the writer is that the writing service is taking the extra $15 per page for doing mostly nothing. They get rich off the writer who does all the work.

#2. The ASAP client

These are clients who do not care about the writer’s schedule and other assignments. They think their assignment takes precedent and the writer is supposed to drop everything to do their work.

These clients do not necessarily pay the higher fees but they put short deadlines on their work and expect no errors and original material

#3. The originality client

I seems that almost every client wants the writer to be omniscient and know everything about every topic and present them with completely original work every time.

That is impossible since history has shown that just abut anything original was said 2000 to 5000 years ago. There is really nothing new one can say on almost any topic. These clients also do not want the writer to do what is called spinning. This is where the writer takes an article or two and gets the information from them for their assignment.

These clients do not pay for research time and the fees for the assignment often barely cover writing costs. They often get what they pay for and usually if the client doesn’t like it, they cancel the order and the writer wastes more time for nothing in return.

#4. The nowhere on the internet client

These clients make the demand that the information should not appear any where else on any website on the internet. Of course they do not supply the books to get this unique information nor will they pay for the research time but the writer must somehow come up with this information.

Needless to say it is basically impossible to do that. Again, the client will cancel if they writer gets their ideas from different website research.

#5. The abusive client

This is the client that will threaten to cancel an order if one jot or tittle is out of place in the article. They also make these threats if the writer does not adhere strictly to the instructions

These clients are nothing but bullies who see writers in less than human terms.

#6. The no instruction client

You get an assignment but the instructions are so vague or they leave you guessing as to what they want. You try your best and spend time constructing a good article yet when you are done it is not what hey wanted and they cancel the order. Never mind that the client will still use the information even though they claim it is no good.

Oh and like all the clients o this list, it is always the writer’s fault. It is never the client’s fault and the writing services usually stand with the clients so the writer is out there all alone waiting to be cut off at the knees.

The only time I received any protection from a writing service was when the Quality people and the customers services became friends and backed me up. This doe snot always happen though.

Some final comments

The presence of the bad clients, and I did not name them all here, actually helps the writer appreciate the good clients they get. Despite all of the abuse that comes from the the writing services and the different clients, the good clients make sit all worthwhile and help you get up the next day to soldier on.

If you can handle it, even the bad clients do pay off in most situations and you can make a few dollars for your effort. The pressure comes when you are like me. I have a disability that limits my work opportunities, and I do not get a pension, so when you are depending on writing as your sole income, canceled assignments take on new meaning.

It makes you rethink if writing is for you but at my age, there is little else I can do because most people want the younger crowd to work for them. I will keep plugging away until I find something better I can do.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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