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Writing Services, Part two

Updated on March 24, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Don’t make the wrong assumption

Many people may assume that all writers make a lot of money. They get that faulty idea hearing about the many movie and television show writers, novelists, and some non-fiction writers hit it big and do pull in large amounts of money.

Yet for every successful writer there are probably hundreds who do not make a lot of money. There are reasons for this

There is a lot of competition

No matter what field of writing you enter, there are thousands, if not more, would be writers all trying to get the same assignments or the same jobs. If you are going to make any money writing you need to be prepared to face the competition and beat them to the best jobs.

You may have to put in hundreds of bids before you get past the crowd and get the attention of the paying client. Competition is fierce which also drives the pay down but more on that later.

You need to be good

You may have heard it from your mother, your relatives and even your special someone that you are a good writer. If you believe them then you are getting the support and encouragement you need to continue your quest to make a good living at writing.

But just because your family says your good does not mean you are actually good. You will need proper feedback on your work and be ready to make a lot of corrections before your level of writing reaches acceptable standards.

Keep in mind that what one client thinks is good, another client will label as inferior. You may be writing your best but it won’t be to the liking of some clients and you have wasted a few hours or a few days writing for that fee.

It takes a lot of practice to be good and on way to get good is to follow the advice in the next section.

Write what you know

Now this piece of advice is not original with me but I forget who said it first. It doesn’t matter who said it first because it is very good advice. For example, if you grew up watching, living and breathing boxing, it will not do you any good to write about basketball.

You do not know basketball and wouldn’t know what to write about the topic. You know boxing so that would be the place to start. Again, though, don’t expect your first few articles stun the writing world. It may take months to write a good article on boxing.

You need to be patient and listen to constructive feedback.

Having the right attitude

You are going to get a lot of rejection when you write. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned writer. Rejections happen and it doesn’t feel good. You got to learn how to handle rejection and see what you can learn from your mistakes.

Also, do not think you are God’s gift to writing as your audience will let you know pretty quickly that you are not. It takes hard work, a lot of research, lots of personal experience to make it to the top of the writing field.

Knowing how to research and get the right information for your articles will help the quality of your writing. These past few points are just the basics which should have been covered in any writing class you may have taken. I am not really saying anything new here.

How to make money at writing

There is no special formula for making money in he writing field. I rely on God to help me get the right assignments and do my work correctly. Most writers do not. If you are religious be prepared to lose writing jobs because of your beliefs. I lost one at a history and archaeology website for that very reason.

Bias is out there and with that in mind here are some avenues you may try:

#1. Do an internet search- if you type in the words academic writing or content writing jobs a myriad of companies will appear on your screen all advertising that they need writers.

It will take time to apply to a lot of them and they all have the basic registration- sign up, do a grammar test, write a short essay and answer a few questions. The trick to this is that while they say they are hiring, many are not and you just have to move onto the next company.

#2. Do a job hunting search- there are plenty of jobs listed in the different job hunting websites. I do not need to name them as they will appear usually at the head of each internet search. You can scan them and see if they are for you

#3. Newsletters, etc.- there are writing websites that do not have jobs but they send out newsletters, have information on jobs and so on/ You can keep tabs on them and other available jobs by singing up and getting a weekly or monthly email.

#4. Magazines & newspapers & other writing outlets- often have writing jobs but you really have to be good and know your stuff. Thy often advertise their need and many of the newsletters pick up those ads and send them to you.

Again, you got to be good and select those outlets that fit in with what you know.

#5. Literary agents- you can also send a lot of your material to literary agents who have connections in the writing business. It takes who you know to get a good foo ti the door

These are just some of the options where you can investigate that will help you make money writing. Just be forewarned, that there are thousands of writers just like you doing the same thing.

You need to be flexible

By flexible I mean that there is always some one who will do it cheaper than you. I should know because I am and have been a member of three writing companies located in India. It is hard to compete with someone who will do 500 or a 1000 words for a dollar or less.

I have made money on one of those Indian websites but they went out of business last summer. I have had little luck with the others because of the low pay. While I am flexible I do not work that cheap.

India is not the only writing problem. Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East also low ball the bids to scoop up writing assignments. These people actually have several other writers working even cheaper for them that handle the work load. They get money just obtaining, assigning, and uploading the orders.

Some final comments

You can make money at writing if you are patient and hang in there. I have been doing it for two years even though my first client stole $2300 from me when he did not pay me for the work I did.

I am not making a lot of money because I do my own work and that takes time and cuts down on the number of orders I cam work on. If you get private orders then you can make more money even by writing fewer articles.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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